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As a health plan leader, you juggle a lot: customer service, data security, compliance, health outcomes, quality of care… the list goes on. Your members want value and a seamless experience. And your providers want an easy way to collaborate with you and other stakeholders. To make this happen, you need effective member and provider engagement tools that really work. Now you can solve all these challenges with a single, scalable platform and powerful, engaging member and provider portals that help make connections, empower people, drive action, and get results for your plan.

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Digital Solutions to Uphold Member Health During Flu Season

The 2018 flu season is proving to be relentless. The all too familiar sights and sounds of flu season are upon us with coughing, sneezing, and tissues everywhere. Empty desks fill offices as we all compulsively sanitize our hands and work areas, just hoping to stay healthy. News outlets report more cases of individuals succumbing to strains of influenza, members, providers, and healthcare payers alike seek information to make informed decisions that can help prevent the spread of the virus. Healthcare technology presents new opportunities in which to offer a knowledge-base to the public. Digital strategies including patient and provider


Your Member Portal ... You built it, but did they come?

It’s easy to understand the value of a member portal. Reduced costs through self-service administrative functions. Increased member satisfaction with easy-to-find information on their claims. Improving member outcomes by identifying gaps in care. But what do you do when you build your portal and utilization is low? Watch this informative session on optimizing your portal for a better member experience, and how to keep them coming back.

E-book – Consider the X factor

Does your portal satisfy the consumer needs of your members?

Don't be so sure. Consider the X factor.

While it may sound obvious, it is critical to remember that your health plan members are consumers. What does this mean to you?  Member portals must be designed with the same sophistication and flair as consumer sites. Download this e-book to learn how you can provide the same caliber digital experience to your members as your favorite retailers.

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Your members may be connected…
but are they getting what they need from you?

91% of members say they are connected to their health plan portals.

Yet 30% of members say they can’t find what they need on their health plan portals, so they end up calling anyway.

When your members aren’t engaged, it reduces satisfaction, costs more and negatively impacts outcomes. We can help.