Wrapping Health Plans in a Security Blanket

Security for member portals not a blanket issue


“Data breach exposes info for 400,000 Community Health Plan members.”

That headline about member portal security ran in the Seattle Times in late December of 2016.

With similar headlines appearing across a variety of media outlets in recent times, it’s not surprising that health plan leaders might be a bit skittish when it comes to information access via member portals.

In today’s connected world, however, members expect to interact with healthcare organizations online. They expect to do most transactions

No blanket solution – but most complete coverage

At Healthx we take many steps to make health plans comfortable with security for member portals. It takes constant vigilance to keep coverage intact. Our approach is based on what we’ve learned from several years of industry experience. For example:

  • Security is a moving target, so we’re constantly addressing security concerns.
  • Security efforts are not limited to our technical staff – they’re a topic of conversation for our operations professionals and leaders as well.
  • We’ve woven security into the very fabric of our software development process – from the time a code change is requested to the time that the code change is put into production, and beyond.
  • We do continual testing. We don’t just develop programs and sit back. We conduct penetration testing over and over, working to confirm that what was secure yesterday is secure today.
  • We audit our actions. All of our software development is scrutinized carefully through a rigorous process that ensures the proper security controls are in place.
  • We partner with you to accommodate your unique needs. We make it possible for you to control who has access to what functions based on their roles; initiate two-factor authentication when warranted; and see exactly what information has been seen by who at any given time.

Wrapping up

We take these steps and others so you can offer a secure portal experience.

While data security threats will always be present, you can comfortably move forward knowing our security coverage is never just a blanket solution.

By Mike Rowe, Chief Architect, Healthx