What does the digital front door mean for payers?

‘Digital front door’– it seems we’re hearing this term a lot this year. How do we communicate that users need a unified, seamless experience when the tools and solutions are varied and fragmented? As providers, healthcare systems, and payers work together to scale digital-first care delivery and engagement strategies, a new term has become necessary.

That’s where we come to the digital front door.

At its most simple, the digital front door is a healthcare user’s primary virtual access point. It’s a singular, trusted entryway to solutions. But the definition is evolving with use and includes common digital interactions that provide opportunities to engage with and guide a member’s healthcare decisions at each point in their journey.

What it Means for Payers

A purpose-built digital front door strategy can completely change the healthcare ecosystem as we know it. As the industry shifts to offer more virtual healthcare experiences, payers can leverage their existing digital engagement solutions and become early adopters of emerging technologies. This is an opportunity for payers to reposition their role in the healthcare journey, becoming that virtual entry point and trusted resource.

Be the Digital Front Door and a Trusted Resource for Users

Members have lots of questions about their healthcare: Is my doctor in-network? Is this procedure covered? How much will this procedure cost? How can I quit smoking? Should I go to an urgent care facility or the emergency room? Does my doctor offer virtual visits? And all of these questions (and the many others that impact care decisions outcomes, and sentiment) are loaded with potential. The potential to educate and empower through a meaningful and straightforward experience or the potential to subject members to frustrating and confusing fragmented experiences, ultimately ensuring that they avoid engaging.

With an engagement platform, payers have answers to all of these questions and more. And if members know that and can access them easily, they are more likely to engage digitally for future inquiries and requests.

When members find that their payer offers a unified access point to reliable and personalized healthcare information, they trust them to guide them in making informed decisions. The result is members who are good stewards of their health and payer and provider resources.

What’s Next

In the increasingly digital healthcare ecosystem, payers who adopt to the digital front door early will have a competitive advantage with an integrated and unified digital platform that attracts and retains users, provides necessary provider integrations, and delivers results that payers can count on.

How to Get Started:

Develop a digital front door strategy

Evaluate which channels to offer

Talk to us about what you need to open the digital front door