If your TPA is talking about portals... we need to talk

Portals alone can't drive participation and outcomes—they are only one piece of the puzzle

Engagement is the key to lowering healthcare costs, but a simple portal can’t drive outcomes. You need a configured platform that can orchestrate interactions if your customers are going to change behaviors. An Amazon-like consumer experience is the key to driving these interactions. Taking data and bringing it all together into one place so that you are equipped with the power to drive outcomes for your members, your providers, and ultimately your plan.

Consumers expect to interact with their health insurance like they interact with any other business. Their expectations have been shaped by their interactions with retail, banking, entertainment, etc. and health insurance has a long way to go to catch up. Consumer dissatisfaction with their health insurance company is 3 times higher than with online purchases, hotel stays, or restaurant visits.

The power of the platform

Convenience - Simplicity - Choice - Self-service

Integrated Portals

Integrated Mobile Solutions

Configured Customer Experience

Member & Provider Analytics

Orchestrated Interactions

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