Top 5 Member Engagement Trends in 2019

Member engagement is essential to driving positive outcomes. And guess what, your members are  thinking about engagement, too. They just call it convenience. So how do you increase engagement? You can start by understanding your members. What are their expectations? What are their needs? What are their preferences? Consider these Top 5 Engagement Trends when you develop your member engagement action plan.

1. Mobile First Mindset

Your members don’t just want mobile options, they expect them. They use their phones to shop, surf the internet, schedule appointments, and pay bills. So, it’s only natural that they expect their health care to be just as convenient and accessible. Providing your members with apps and mobile friendly sites are guaranteed to drive engagement.

2. Text Messaging

Members want you to take the headache out of managing their healthcare. They want you to communicate with them about key events and information that affect their plan and their care. Just like their PCP likely texts them appointment reminders, you can reduce gaps in care by employing SMS Text Messaging to share alerts and reminders.

3. Shopping for Care

Today’s members shop for the best care at the best price. And they want you to make that search easier by providing them with tools like provider directories and cost transparency tools to make an informed decision.

4. Provider Portal

When it comes to engagement, an effective provider portal can help close gaps in care and empower providers to improve population health, collaborate on performance incentives, and drive better outcomes.

5. Member Engagement Platform

Your member engagement platform should pull the latest trends and tech into one place that gives your members the tools they need and the convenience they expect.

The Healthx enterprise platform makes mobile optimization, SMS text messaging, shopping for care, and provider and member engagement easy and intuitive, so you can focus on the health of your members and the health of your bottom line. Talk with one of our experts today.