Wherever your members are on their healthcare journey, providing them with online wellness tools will help them become more active, engaged advocates for enjoying their best health possible. Hx Wellness provides them with online and mobile tools targeted to their needs and available from the member portal. By moving toward and engaging in healthier behaviors and lifestyles, members take important steps to becoming as healthy as they can be, ultimately reducing costs for the entire plan.

Personalized education and content to address members' health and risk factors

Hx Wellness give members 24/7 access to a comprehensive suite of wellness tools that provide the building blocks for healthy behaviors, support for self-care initiatives, and complementary activities for chronic conditions. Members access the tools from the member portal and complete a health risk assessment. Based on their current health status and any chronic conditions or risks, they can receive educational content specific to their needs and goals.


Virtual Coaching

Provides personalized guidance and motivation to identify and address unhealthy behaviors.


Tracking and Motivational Tools

Returning users can view progress and next steps toward their goals each time they log on.


Lifestyle Device Integration

Devices can easily be set up to sync to the portal and appropriate progress trackers and challenges.


Online Community

Encourages engagement and participation via social sharing and other community activities.


Custom Content

Individualized healthy living information, educational resources, and recommendations based on members' goals and health needs.


Health Knowledge Library

Content library with information that supports change and addresses specific health conditions.

A key component of your member engagement and population health strategies

Hx Wellness continuously engages members with personalized support to motivate them to make and maintain healthy changes over time. It empowers members to address unhealthy habits before they escalate into high-cost chronic conditions. These tools meet NCQA Health Appraisal standards and provide a variety of participation-focused activities via simple, responsive design.

Continuously engage members with individually tailored support

Members access the tools via the member portal, giving them a central hub for all of their personal wellness activities and healthcare payer needs. Members can also integrate activities with their lifestyle devices that can be synced to the portal. Individualized homepages include dynamic content that increases engagement and promotes positive health changes.

Additional features include:


Reduced Costs

Providing Hx Wellness helps employers, health plans, and other organizations reduce their populations' health risks and healthcare costs, and potentially increase productivity.


Robust Health Knowledge Library

Content generated by Hx Wellness and respected third-party vendors such as HealthWise® provides members with a vast amount of current and innovative wellness and prevention information.

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