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Telemedicine by HealthiestYou™

HealthiestYou™ is a high-quality virtual care solution designed to serve the unique needs of small businesses and their employees.

The intuitive platform makes finding what members are looking for simple, whether they need to consult with a doctor, talk to a therapist, or compare prescription prices. And HealthiestYou’s intelligent notifications, combined with proven engagement strategies, keep members in the know and help payers save money.

By giving members a single access point to a comprehensive suite of innovative services and tools, members can quickly make informed decisions about who they see, where they go, and how much they should expect to pay—all from their preferred digital device.

Easy access to high quality healthcare

Healthcare without hassle, from connecting to a doctor to saving money on prescriptions.

Exclusive smart tools

Intelligent Alerts, Find a Provider, and Price Transparency Tools help members get the best care while saving time and money.

Dedicated support

A dedicated client success team partners with employers to educate employees and drive utilization.

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member satisfaction

first-year utilization

How HealthiestYou™ virtual care services work










The HealthiestYou™ core bundle offers access to the following virtual care services and tools:

General Medical—Convenient, high-quality healthcare available 24/7 from U.S. board-certified doctors by phone or video.

Behavioral Health Care—Members have access to licensed mental health professionals, with the option to receive ongoing care from a provider of their choice.

Dermatology—U.S. board-certified dermatologists review images and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Price Transparency Tools—Price comparison engines help members make informed choices and save money on procedures and prescriptions.

Intelligent Alerts—Location-sensitive alerts delivering benefits reminders increase utilization of services.

Find a Provider—The HealthiestYou app can identify providers and facilities near the member’s
current location.

“Using HealthiestYou™ for over a year now has eliminated the need to go to emergency rooms, specialists, and general practitioners and pay out of pocket for minor illnesses. With the amount I saved, I can only imagine what it saves my employer. I can’t think of a negative to this awesome service.”

- HealthiestYou™ member

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