It's a brave new digital world

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A world where connected consumers expect immediate personalized service and support, instant answers, and transparency — all accessible through their preferred pathways: whether web, phone, text, email, mobile app, messenger or digital assistants like Alexa and Google. Healthcare is no exception. Members, providers, brokers, and employers expect accountability, relationship-building, and intuitive access to an array of personalized information to help them make informed decisions. And all with the convenience and fl exibility of interacting with the healthcare organizations they trust with their care — on their time and on their terms. It’s time to reimagine healthcare engagement.

Welcome to Healthx OXP

Omnichannel Experience Platform

OXP Pyramid

The Intersection of Consumerism and Healthcare

Healthx OXPsm delivers a singularly satisfying consumer experience by streamlining a traditionally complex and frustrating process. The healthcare journey is reimagined as a seamless omnichannel transition from one digital touchpoint to the next. Whether users flow from web to text or phone, their interaction is fluid and accurate without interruptions or repeated conversations. Members get convenient instant access to coverage, claims, and deductible information. They can research the cost associated with a medical procedure, receive recommendations to avoid gaps in care, and personalized healthcare education, get directions to an in-network physician’s office, and much, much more—anytime, anywhere, on any channel-connected device.

Providers Become Partners

Delivering the right information at the right time and making data actionable turns providers into partners on the journey to improved quality and outcomes. Through OXPSM, providers gain major time and cost efficiencies and a more satisfying relationship with your organization. Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) eliminates the need to train front and back office staff on portal navigation and reliance on phone calls and faxes to verify member eligibility or check the status of claim reimbursements. It’s a time saving tool that allows providers to focus more on patients and less on administrative tasks.


● Build strong relationships among members, providers and payers through meaningful and productive automated engagement

● Support population health, value-based care, and improve Medicare Star ratings and HEDIS scores with relevant resources, compliance-tracking, reminders, elevated customer satisfaction, and more

● Develop provider loyalty by offering new administrative efficiencies


● Lower operational costs up to 50% by reducing up to 80% of live agent calls

● Architected to be 100% modular and compatible with any core admin system, care management system, customer relationship management system, and web portal.

● Reduce medical resource expenses by making members aware of and compliant with their care, benefits, and where they go to receive services from providers

● Develop an innovative image for your brand, encouraging excitement, convenience, and consumer loyalty


Next Gen Technology

Getting the right information to the right constituent at the right time is crucial to trigger health-positive behaviors. OXPSM captures events that can automatically trigger appropriate interactions to drive cost savings and healthy behaviors. OXP’s natural language processing and AI prompt intelligent responses through personalized digital conversations that efficiently answer questions and facilitate self-service. OXPSM also learns as your constituents interact to help guide them on their healthcare journey and make better choices, whether it’s a recommendation for a low-cost high-quality healthcare specialist, a more cost-effective pharmacy, or suggesting telemedicine instead of a trip to the hospital.

Winning Engagement

Healthier, happier members benefit all involved. OXPSM makes new health-enhancing interactions possible that are virtually impossible with conventional telephone and web support. At the same time, OXPSM also significantly reduces the cost of live agent interaction. What’s more, improved member satisfaction ratings boost overall quality scores such as Medicare Advantage Star Ratings and HEDIS. Simultaneously, members engaged and empowered through OXPSM can play a more active role in their health, easily adhering to care plans and utilizing fewer provider resources.


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