Reduced costs, enhanced engagement, and improved clinical outcomes are simple

So, what are virtual assistants?

Think of a virtual assistant as a digital concierge, able to respond to typical member and provider requests automatically. Providing an extra layer of interaction between self-service solutions and your customer call center, Hx Virtual Assistants answer requests conversationally in a secure environment. When engagement is simple, and answers are accessible anytime, anywhere, clinical outcomes improve, and call center costs diminish.


Hx IVR Assistants

Hx Provider IVR Assistant

Simplify providers' administrative tasks with the Hx Provider IVR Assistant. A more cost-effective, efficient, and scalable solution than the traditional contact center, the Hx Provider IVR Assistant analyzes voice input to deliver consistent and complete answers conversationally.

Hx Member IVR Assistant

Open the digital front door with the Hx Member IVR Assistant. With the flexibility of a portal and a contact center’s responsiveness, the Hx Member IVR Assistant analyzes voice input to deliver personalized answers conversationally and help them make informed healthcare decisions.


Hx Chat Assistants

Hx Provider Chat Assistant

Give providers answers when they need them with the Hx Provider Chat Assistant. Payers can elevate providers' engagement experience with straightforward workflows and concise, conversational chats that analyze text input to respond automatically.

Hx Member Chat Assistant

Personalize the healthcare journey with the Hx Member Chat Assistant. Cost-effective, efficient, and scalable, the Hx Provider Chat Assistant analyzes text input to chat with members automatically and conversationally, providing answers and navigation anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of

Reduce Costs

When members and providers overuse your call center, you overspend to operate it. Hx Virtual Assistants handle common requests without live intervention, saving payers money.

Enhance Engagement

Engagement solutions are only as successful as they are convenient and intelligent. Hx Virtual Assistants meet members and providers where they are and give payers data to improve future interactions.

Improve Outcomes

Hx Virtual Assistants answer questions and make information easily accessible 24/7, empowering members to make healthy choices and enabling providers to close gaps in care.

Start a Conversation to Learn More

Cloud-based and HIPAA compliant, Hx Virtual Assistants are configurable and integrate with your platform to meet your engagement goals. Let's start a conversation about how virtual assistants fit into your engagement tech stack.