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Advanced Multi-Language

Break Down Barriers with Built-In Language Technology


Communicating with your membership is more than just delivering an easy-to-use online experience. Members ideally want to use the language most familiar to them. The Healthx Member Engagement cloud-based platform offers payers many options for improving connections, including multi-language support for over 100 languages as an add-on service to our base application.

Engage Members in a Language They Understand


Drive member adoption and utilization online and with mobile.


Reduce costs associated with providing full-time staff in customer service roles to support multiple languages.


Create value-based benefit and reimbursement programs that drive better outcomes for all members including English as a second language.


Satisfy state and federal regulatory requirements for making translation services/languages available to members.


Improve the impact of member engagement initiatives with content localized for multiple language preferences.


Choose from 100 supported languages to better meet the needs of your members.

“Limited English proficiency in healthcare consumers is 2 times more likely to cause permanent or severe harm.”

– Speaking Together National Languages Network

Successfully Innovate the Member Experience


Cloud-based and technology agnostic

Any data source technology you currently use is easily interfaced with Healthx engagement tools to customize and empower the member experience.


Scalable and secure

You can be confident knowing that our platform uses the highest levels of internet security including secure browsers, data encryption, and SSL protocol.


Complianct with NCQA and state-specific regulations

You can more effectively identify opportunities for improvement in delivering on member expectations and corporate goals with our member adoption and utilization engagement model.

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