Provider Telephony

Optimize your call containment strategy to focus on unique or difficult provider phone calls.

OXP Provider Telephony

Healthx OXPSM Provider Telephony gives providers the ability to call a payer to get answers to common eligibility and claim status questions, and request information to be faxed—all without requiring provider service representative involvement. The use of Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing allow users to request information in their own words and receive responses in a conversational manner.


Reduce call hold times and abandonment rates with 24/7 access to this product. Providers will no longer have to wait for an available representative, be limited in the number of questions they can ask, or have a poor experience with old IVR systems that use a slow touch-tone keypad input method. Not only can they have a “conversation” about the information they need, but they can also request a fax that summarizes the information discussed.

With 20+ years of healthcare experience and 185+ customers, Healthx is uniquely qualified to train Conversational AI bots in healthcare intents and outcomes. The Provider AI Conversation Engine, the platform’s core intelligence layer, is where the intent (provider questions) and the outcomes (answers to those questions) are processed. Through machine learning, the engine’s ability to respond intelligently to questions will continue evolving with each provider interaction. The Healthx OXP cloud-based architecture lays the foundation for future access to the Provider AI Conversation Engine through multiple channels, such as web chat and email, supporting the same intents and outcomes.


• Answer questions about eligibility & benefits, as well as claim status with the use of Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing

• Reduce provider service representative involvement

• Providers can request transfer to a live customer support representative

• Standardize responses to providers, eliminating “he/she said” conflicts

• Providers can request information be faxed without human intervention

• Expand access to the Provider AI Conversation Engine through additional channels, such as web chat and email

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