Healthx Member Portal

The gateway to consumer connection

The portal and the platform

Completely configured to your needs and designed to work seamlessly within the Healthx orchestration platform, the Healthx member portal is the entry point for any healthcare payer to deliver on members’ expectations for a simple consumer experience.

The Amazon-like experience...everywhere

In an ever-changing, consumer driven world, payers now more than ever need to simplify their technology, so they can guide the member experience, improve outcomes, and reduce administrative cost.

The power of the platform

With the Healthx member portal, cloud technology meets member engagement challenges quickly and seamlessly by building trust and fostering collaboration among you, your members and their providers. Tight integration with existing vendors and internal systems, combined with a customizable design, makes your member experience your very own differentiating you from your competitors.


  • Eligibility & benefits: Secure member access to effective dates, current primary care physician, demographic information, summary of benefits and coverage, out-of-pocket amounts, deductibles, and cost shares.
  • Claims status: Customized view of claim detail, claims status, paid date, and explanation of benefits.
  • Authorizations: View services and treatment plans that have been authorized and/ or approved.
  • Personalized content and information: Newsletters, announcements, network information, plan information, FAQs, glossary of definitions, and care plans.
  • User account management: Multiple options for members to manage their user accounts, including options for dependents.
  • Notifications: Service notifies member via email of secure messages from customer service.
  • Workflows and secure messages: Members can securely send questions to customer service about claims, eligibility, primary care physician changes, address changes and request a new ID card.
  • Financial: View premium payment history and bank change authorizations, plus additional products such as accident benefits, and vision. Integrations to other benefit and employment information such as HRA, Flex, COBRA, and 401K.

The power of the Healthx orchestration platform

Additional add-ons and integrations:

Take your member engagement beyond just portals. The Healthx orchestration platform improves clinical outcomes, lifts utilization, and decreases administrative burden across the board.

       Mobile Engagement

      Cost Transparency

      Enrollment and Shopping

      Provider Directory

       Care Plan Collaboration

       Gaps in Care

       Health and Wellness


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