Healthx Employer Portal

Benefits administrators never had it so good

The portal and the platform

The Healthx employer portal is completely configured to your needs and designed to work seamlessly within the Healthx orchestration platform, the Healthx employer portal gives employers the tools they need to successfully manage their employee’s benefits.

Attract and retain key employer accounts by aiding employee benefits administrators as they juggle several administrative and strategic tasks, from enrollment transactions to long-term planning helping them make more informed decisions and see you as a long-term partner in their success.


  • Account management- HIPAA compliant user registration, authentication, and management
  • Eligibility and claims- View employee rosters, eligibility information, and PHI suppressed claims information segmented by group and location
  • Secure messaging- Securely request ID cards, add or delete employees, or ask a question on a bill
  • Bill presentation & payment- Displays employer premium invoice and payment history
  • Report & document distribution- Display reports, correspondence, and other documents securely to chosen groups of end users.
  • Integrations- Links to contracted vendor services such as enrollment and HR systems

The power of the Healthx orchestration platform

Additional add-ons and integrations:

Make your employer portal a platform for all your employer engagement needs improving efficiency and satisfaction while decreasing administrative burden.

 Enrollment and Shopping

 Mobile Engagement

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