Healthx Employer Portal

Efficient engagement fit for employers

Engagement simplified

Attract and retain key accounts with self-service tools and online workflows that simplify administrative tasks, like enrollment transactions and long-term planning, manage employees' benefits, and position payers as long-term partners in employers' success.

The power of the platform

The Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform leverages proven, secure, and cloud-based tools, integrations, and reporting capabilities to drive participation, improve clinical outcomes, and increase revenue.


  • Eligibility: Deliver access to an employee roster, eligibility information, and suppress PHI and claims information segmented by group and location.
  • Workflows and Secure Messaging: A HIPAA compliant way to ensure security and privacy with rich bi-directional interactions in real-time. Supported by robust admin tools that, among other capabilities, allow your staff to assign or reassign requests/messages.
  • Bill presentation & payment: Display employer premium invoices and payment history.
  • Documents: Securely distribute documents such as, but not limited to, reports and correspondence to chosen group of end users.
  • Alerts & Notifications: Engage with pop-up notifications that prompt members with a call to action or needed information.
  • Integrations: Allow your brokers to log-in once and access all your tools, such as a human resource system.

Discover how our customers drive engagement, reduce contact center costs, and improve clinical outcomes.