Healthx Broker Portal

Support tools for brokers to differentiate

The portal and the platform

Completely configured to your needs and designed to work seamlessly within the Healthx orchestration platform, the Healthx broker portal gives brokers the tools they need to successfully support your customers

Drive brokers to your plan by adding value and providing better service and tools to help them manage your employer clients more efficiently. Self-service tools and online workflows help brokers handle enrollment, billing, and customer service questions.


  • Eligibility: Deliver access to eligibility information by employer group with the ability to suppress personal health information.
  • Benefit summaries: Present summary of plan descriptions and coverage
  • Reports: Securely transfer documents such as census reports or quote requests
  • Alerts & Notifications: Engage with pop-up notifications that prompt members with a call to action or needed information.
  • Documents: Securely distribute documents such as, but not limited to, newsletters, announcements, and network information.
  • Transactions: Give the self-service tools needed for your brokers to complete transactions on behalf of employees such as ID Card requests.
  • Workflows and Secure Messaging: A HIPAA compliant way to ensure security and privacy with rich bi-directional interactions in real-time. Supported by robust admin tools that, among other capabilities, allow your staff to assign or reassign requests/messages.
  • Integrations: Allow your brokers to log-in once and access all your tools, such as a third-party quoting engine.

The power of the Healthx orchestration platform

Additional add-ons and integrations:

Make your employer portal a platform for all your employer engagement needs improving efficiency and satisfaction while decreasing administrative burden.

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 Eligibility Management

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