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The Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform

Open the digital front door

Be the virtual entry point to the healthcare ecosystem for users anytime, anywhere with a unified, omnichannel engagement platform that leverages intelligent solutions and integrations to drive participation, improve clinical outcomes, and position payers to be trusted guides throughout the healthcare journey.

Enhance engagement

Enhance engagement with the purpose-built, cloud-based, and configurable Omnichannel Experience Platform. Intelligent and innovative, the platform unifies access points across channels and devices to meet users where they are.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue with straightforward interactions that empower members to make informed decisions about their care, simplify providers' roles with automated workflows and actionable member data, and deliver critical insights into engagement behaviors and trends.

How it works

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Member portals

Intelligent, self-service engagement tools empower members to actively manage their health and reduce phone calls and other costly administrative overheads.

  • Mobile-first
  • Seamlessly integrated services and tools
  • Personalized communications and notifications
  • Built on the Healthx Omnichannel Engagement Platform

Provider portals

Convenient and secure payer-provider connections with simple and straightforward workflows expedite reimbursement, allow providers to check patient eligibility and claims status, and give actionable patient data to help close gaps in care.

  • Real-time patient benefit and claim status information
  • Secure, personalized electronic communications
  • Built on the Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform

Broker portals

Self-service tools and automated workflows attract and retain brokers by simplifying enrollment, billing, and customer service management.

  • Electronic benefit administration
  • Secure online communication
  • Integration with enrollment, shopping, and quoting engines
  • Built on the Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform

Employer portals

Attract and retain key employer accounts with automated self-service tools to help manage administrative tasks and empower strategic decision making.  

  • Self-service reporting
  • Manage member eligibility
  • Integrated with enrollment
  • Built on the Healthx Omnichannel Engagement Platform

Clinical solutions

Improve health outcomes and increase HEDIS and Star Ratings by informing providers and encouraging members to actively participate in improved clinical outcomes.

  • Provider dashboards
  • Gaps in care and quality measures
  • Care plan collaboration

Mobile engagement

Open the digital front door with a unified access point that meets members anytime, anywhere,  provides easy navigation of resources, information, and services, and encourages engagement via tailored push notifications. 

  • Personalized interactive text messages
  • Live chat experience with care teams or member services
  • Fully compliant with all HIPAA, TCPA, and CTIA regulations

Provider search

Give members the information they need to search and compare the highest quality providers directly from the Healthx Omnichannel Engagement Platform.

  • Provider comparison capabilities
  • Google Maps integration for visual detail on distance
  • Attestation and reporting for provider directory changes
  • NCQA compliant

Cost transparency

Help members make informed decisions about their care with a tool to compare and shop for providers, services, and prescriptions by cost and quality. 

  • Decision support with quality ratings and customer reviews
  • Integrated with plan benefit design and preferred providers
  • Incorporated into existing member portal workflows

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