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We have the largest partner network with the integrations in the industry that significantly lowers healthcare costs.


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The Healthx engagement orchestration platform

Empower members

Empower your consumer engagement strategy by unifying data, providing engagement analytics, and enabling you to orchestrate interactions for members and providers to manage outcomes, drive value, and provide significant savings for the entire healthcare system.

Beyond portals

This goes beyond simple portals and even beyond just Software as a Service. It enables us to configure the experience to fit your needs by integrating tools and act as the platform that all of your technology plugs into.

Configurable & integrated products

Whether you select more products we’ve built, our partner products that are integrated into the platform, or additional products you plan to purchase to meet your needs. The Healthx Platform allows you a simple, consistent, and convenient way to streamline all touchpoints, connecting members, providers, and health plans, driving costs down.

How it works

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Member portals

The entry point for any healthcare payer is delivering on members’ expectations for a simple consumer experience. Self-service tools allowing members to take an active role in their health and understand all of your plan’s benefits, eliminating phone calls, and other costly administrative overhead.

  • Mobile first
  • Seamlessly integrated services and tools
  • Personalized communications and notifications
  • Built on the Healthx engagement orchestration platform

Provider portals

Quick, digital access to your provider community that expedites reimbursement, patient eligibility, claims, lab results, and gaps in care. Our provider portal solutions make communication between you, the member, and the provider efficient while reducing administrative costs across the board.

  • Real-time patient benefit and claim status information
  • Automated workflows
  • Secure personalized electronic communications
  • Built on the Healthx engagement orchestration platform

Broker portals

Drive brokers to your plan by adding value and providing better service and tools to help them manage your employer clients more efficiently. Self-service tools and online workflows help brokers handle enrollment, billing, and customer service questions.

  • Electronic benefit administration
  • Secure online communication
  • Integrated with enrollment, shopping and quoting engines
  • Built on the Healthx engagement orchestration platform

Employer portals

Attract and retain key employer accounts by aiding employee benefits administrators as they juggle several administrative and strategic tasks, from enrollment transactions to long-term planning helping them make more informed decisions and see you as a long-term partner in their success.

  • Self-service reporting
  • Manage member eligibility
  • Integrated with enrollment
  • Built on the Healthx engagement orchestration platform

Clinical solutions

Designed to improve health outcomes and increase HEDIS and Star Ratings, Healthx clinical solutions engage members to improve overall outcomes.

  • Provider dashboards
  • Gaps in care and quality measures
  • Care plan collaboration

Mobile engagement

Your connection to healthier members. All managed through the Hx Platform, a custom mobile app allows members to connect with you anytime...anywhere. Deliver content that improves quality scores through tailored engagement to address gaps in care. Get measurable clinical outcomes, lift utilization, and decrease administrative burdens.

  • Personalized interactive text messages
  • Live chat experience with care teams or member services
  • Fully compliant with all HIPAA, TCPA and CTIA regulations

Provider search

The Hx provider directory is a NCQA complaint tool that lets your members search and find the highest quality providers and compare them all within the Healthx member portal. This gives them the ability to shop and select the most applicable provider that meets their care needs while reducing complication for you both.

  • Provider comparison capabilities
  • Google Maps integration for visual detail on distance
  • Attestation and reporting for provider directory changes

Cost transparency

This lets your members find the lowest cost and simplifies healthcare shopping for your members allowing them to select and save on the medical services they use most. They can easily review costs for thousands of shoppable medical services and make better informed choices reducing unnecessary costs for you both.

  • Decision support with quality ratings and customer reviews
  • Integrated with plan benefit design and preferred providers
  • Incorporated into existing member portal workflows

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