Keeping Your Guard Up by Constantly Analyzing Security Issues

By Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy & Alliances Officer, Healthx

Like many recent reports in the media, an article that was published in CIO magazine in early May painted a rather unsettling data security picture.  Indeed, the piece pointed out that nearly every industry that handles sensitive data has been breached recently.  And, of course, the article was quick to highlight the troubles in the healthcare industry, by addressing the fact that ransomware attacks are projected to rise 250 percent and hackers were responsible for 106 major healthcare data breaches in 2016. What’s more, the CIO piece also indicated that organizations don’t only need to be concerned with their own data security efforts – but they need to keep tabs on third party vendors as well.

Indeed, organizations need to ensure that outside organizations that perform services for them – commonly referred to as HIPAA business associates – take adequate safeguards to protect sensitive patient information.  As such, when working with vendors – such as Healthx and others – healthcare organizations should make sure that these partners are leveraging sophisticated security technologies and implementing sound security practices as well. Indeed, something as seeming innocuous as low-tech threats like errors by vendors’ employees could put a healthcare organization’s data at risk, according to the CIO article.

Fortunately, we don’t take cyber security lightly here at Healthx.  In fact, we view security as a battle that we need to be continually prepared for.  Indeed, we make it a priority to stay out in front of any potential or emerging threats. For example, we have formed a security council that meets monthly to discuss applications, operations and employee related security issues. During these meetings, we address – no, actually we scrutinize — emerging security concerns by developing a detailed security roadmap and defining how we will allocate our resources.

The end result?  When health plans work with Healthx, they can rest assured that we are doing all that we can to keep data safe and sound.