Healthx Introduces Engagement Analytics

Capabilities provide actionable insight into member and provider user activity across web portal and mobile applications

Indianapolis, IN: March 7, 2019 – Healthx, Inc., the leading platform used by healthcare payers to engage their members and providers, today introduced new capabilities for analyzing user activity across various digital channels. This capability, enabled by software from San Diego-based Tealium, allows Healthx customers to measure the effectiveness of both their portal and mobile utilization at a granular level of “clicks and taps.” Tealium is the leading real-time customer data platform, providing software to collect, enrich, and activate customer data across devices.

The incorporation of this technology into the Healthx engagement platform allows customers to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of their portals and mobile applications. By analyzing the user click and tap activity data, they are able to optimize user workflows in areas of the portal where they are looking to improve engagement, eliminate points of user abandonment, and reduce the number of phone calls to the plan. “A great example of how this new capability can be applied is a health plan that is experiencing a high level of user activity on the benefit summary page of their member portal, but where only 15% of users are actually clicking through to see their benefit details. This may indicate that the webpage’s design is not intuitive to users and should be reworked,” noted Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer at Healthx. “In this example, the Tealium data shows the user click activity through each step on the benefit summary page. The payer can see exactly where the points of user drop-off are occurring, informing the payer where to focus on redesigning the webpage.”

Gordon added that Healthx is integrating reporting and dashboarding capabilities from Tableau Software, a leading analytics platform, to provide additional visualizations and analyses of the Tealium customer data.  The anticipated release of this capability is expected to be later this year.

About Healthx

At Healthx we empower the healthcare experience, helping people live longer, healthier lives while lowering healthcare costs by keeping health plans, members, and providers connected. Our platform orchestrates the complex healthcare journey by delivering personalized experiences that drive cost savings and improve quality of care. With Healthx, engaged members are healthier members, and healthier members significantly reduce healthcare costs.