What You Need in a Member Portal

Giving members what they want

Despite the fact that portals have been around for years, many health plan members still haven’t found what they’re looking for, according to the 2017 HealthMine Health Intelligence Report: Communication and Digital Healthcare Tools. In fact, almost a third of respondents to the survey said they were not able to find answers to most of their healthcare questions through the portal, without having to make a phone call. More phone calls mean more staff and more cost.

Personalized information

Statistics demonstrate the places where providing personalized content could be used to drive up member engagement.

  • 83 percent of 750 wellness program survey respondents don’t think their insurance plans understand their health very well
  • 52 percent of consumers with chronic conditions hear from their health plans just one per year or less about their disease
  • 39 percent of the consumers say their health plans do not offer price transparency tools that they need

Accordingly, only 21 percent of members use their health plan’s portals regularly, according to the survey results.

A value-added opportunity

Consumerism is driving online transactions. People now expect it,  and accordingly, members want one central source for their health information.

This is an opportunity for your portal to be that hub.

If you can deliver that kind of value, chances are you’ll better engage your members for better overall population health.

Does your portal make it easy?

You need to assess whether your health plan portal makes it easy for members to engage on a variety of levels. To get members more involved online, you must have portals that offer a wealth of information and functionality.

For example, when members visit the portal to check on eligibility or the status of a payment, you can further engage members via splash screens or other online techniques that can offer information and recommendations on specific health conditions.

In addition, you can offer a comprehensive online portal experience by providing the ability to:

  • Create and update profiles
  • Review and manage benefits
  • View claims and check status
  • Find providers
  • Check prior authorization status
  • Manage health and wellness