Is it Too Late for You to Focus on Mobile Healthcare in 2018?

You’ve heard us talk about mobile healthcare. You read our articles here, here, and here on why it’s important and what some of our partnerships offer. But we’re not done.

Is it too late for you to focus on mobile healthcare in 2018?

It’s never too late to move towards a mobile-first organization. Users crave a mobile friendly and responsive design. They’re used to shopping at online stores without leaving their home, calling a car from an app, and asking a digital home assistant to add eggs to their shopping list. So why do we still expect members to mail in their enrollment forms and call a toll-free number to file a claim?

Mobile, by its pure essence, is a communication tool.

You may have a portal, but does it work and flow on the latest iPad or Android phone? It provides individuals with a way to communicate and share information at any time, at any location, via multiple modalities (e.g. voice, text, messaging). Mobile should be a part of the overall customer experience, and the first step to achieving this is making sure your platform aligns within the demanded consumer experience. 

Imagine being able to opt-in to a text-based reminder system set up by your doctor’s office to send you a custom text a few minutes before you need to take your medication, or an interactive system that allows you to send information about how many steps you’ve taken, your blood sugar levels or your diet for the day, and receive feedback from medical staff offering encouragement or correction. Systems like these are being implemented using technology like mPulse Mobile, a standard integration to the Healthx platform, and are proving to have a wide reach for providers and plans alike.

For mobile to be successful, context is everything.

While it can streamline many aspects of healthcare and improve patient compliance, the medium works best by just sticking to the basics and providing personalized experiences based on their unique data. Are your members able to check a claim status from their phone? Can they find a doctor in network while on the road? Better yet, are they satisfied and happy with their interaction with your portal or are they frustrated and unwilling to use your system in the future? These are simple requirements of mobile that can all be done with built in integrations on the Healthx platform. Leveraging these features can take the friction out of administrative systems, provide better access for and to patients and, overall, help facilitate human connections. There are few options as powerful.

Simply put, a mobile healthcare solution is a new and exciting source of innovation for the healthcare industry, however it is not new for the average consumer. It has the potential to improve the patient experience while lowering costs for all aspects of the healthcare system. So, what are you waiting for?

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