The Missing Key to Healthcare Member Engagement

Mobile Member Engagement

It’s all about Member Touch Points – During discovery work while collaborating with a large government health plan to improve cost savings, we developed a best practice focus on defining member engagement touch points. These 7 touch points are identified and detailed in our recent ebook, An Action Plan for Member Engagement.

We classified some as “high-influence” based on having a person present the rationale to register for the portal, and others as “low-influence” when the communication was one way and there’s no one to influence them directly. The engagement strategy maximized both high-influence and low influence touch points to help generate administrative cost savings.

These touch points included:

  • Member Service Calls (High-influence)
  • Field Office Visits (High- influence)
  • Member Enrollment (High-influence)
  • Provider Visits (High-influence)
  • Outgoing Printed Materials (Low-influence)
  • ID Cards (Low-influence)
  • Outgoing Emails (Low-influence)

Business results led to the realization that self-service is the new norm, leading to 7 important recommendations for achieving success in member engagement. As we embark on 2018, with increased focus on the role of mobile in engagement, we are have added an eighth recommendation for success:

Number 8:

Text Message (SMS) Engagement Integration

Find engaging and new ways to meet members’ needs continues into 2018. Number eight is all about considering a mobile engagement solution for your member engagement plan. One of the Healthx Partners, mPulse Mobile, engages members by improving health outcomes and business efficiencies through tailored and meaningful dialogue.

To learn more about this study, and our 7 recommendations for success, download our most recent ebook,  An Action Plan for Member Engagement.