HxConnect Helps You Help Your Customers Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis

Hx Customer Community Provides Self-Service Solutions and Support

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an unprecedented healthcare crisis that requires steady and skillful navigation in order to guide providers and care for members. Communities have to come together to overcome uncertainty by sharing experience, knowledge, resources, and support.

HxConnect, the Healthx administered customer community, is no different. Since its inception, this secure space has been an invaluable customer resource. But today–with its tools, education, and discussions–HxConnect is proving to be particularly valuable in helping payers leverage their platform during COVID-19.

Our team is working to support you and your platform, so you can focus on supporting your providers and members. Read below for more information about 4 of the free resources we’ve created and made available on HxConnect. We will continue to connect and collaborate with community members to develop relevant resources.

To access these resources you need to be a Healthx customer with an HxConnect account.

  • New to HxConnect? Check out the Getting Started section located below the resources.
  • If you aren’t already a customer and would like to talk to us about our proven and reliable engagement solutions, click here.

Helpful Resources on HxConnect

1. Content Creation

Your members and providers are looking to you for your expertise right now. Use your platform to direct them to meaningful content that provides valuable information and guides consumer decision making.

This article and quick video tutorial will walk you through how to create a piece of content including the most common form, a text item.

2. Add Content

Once you’ve created a piece of content you need to add it to your portal, which allows your users to access it throughout your platform.

This article describes how to add a piece of content to your portal.

3. Use Your Welcome Screen

The first, and most visible place that you can add content is the welcome screen–the page where your users login to your portal.

This article describes how to add a piece of content to your welcome screen.

4. Create Splash Screens

You can also create splash screens for your portal. A splash screen can display to users every time they log in or at different intervals.

This article describes how to create a splash screen.

Getting Started on HxConnect

Requesting Access to HxConnect

If you know the contact information of your Customer Experience Analyst (CXA), please reach out to them to request an account. If you do not know your CXA’s contact information, please send an email to hxconnectsupport@healthx.com with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Job
  • Title

Accessing HxConnect

HxConnect Community URL: https://hxconnect.force.com/Customers/s/

If you use the single sign-on service through your Healthx administrator account to access HxConnect and would like to log in directly, select the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions.

Have questions? Please reach out to your CXA or email hxconnectsupport@healthx.com.

Navigating HxConnect

  1. Search/browse the knowledge base to learn more about Healthx products and how to resolve common issues
  2. Ask the community questions
  3. Join groups to learn more about specific topics
  4. Sign up for online Healthx University classes that are instructor led or self-paced
  5. Review monthly deployment notes and seasonal release notes
  6. Communicate with your CXA by submitting a case

We Are In This Together

For continued updates and support throughout the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, please visit the Hx Coronavirus Resource Center. We’re here for you.

We also invite you to join the conversation with us on Twitter @Healthx #bewell where we will post data and information as it becomes available.