HLTH 2019 Conference: What We Learned (and What We Shared)

Healthx at HLTH 2019 Conference

We’re back from HLTH 2019 in Las Vegas, and wow, what an experience! For four days titans, startups, and disruptors from the healthcare industry came together in the desert to unveil groundbreaking tech and trends leading the future of healthcare. 

And we were a significant contributor to the excitement, as we launched OXP, the Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform at HLTH. OXP delivers a consumer-centric healthcare engagement experience through seamless omnichannel communication. Whether users flow from web to text or phone, their interaction is fluid and accurate from one digital touchpoint to the next without interruptions or repeated conversations. Members get virtual, instant access to an array of information and services such as coverage, claims, deductible information and more. But this is just the beginning, as Healthx reimagines healthcare engagement with OXP. And you can experience OXP first-hand by clicking here to schedule a demo. 

The Future of Healthcare

HLTH billed itself as an event to “Create Health’s Future”. And to a great extent, this really was an event to peek into the future of healthcare. When we weren’t giving tech talks, meeting with the press, or giving demos of OXP, we had the opportunity to attend sessions and visit with some of our partners. Check out some of the hot topics that we learned about below: 

Digital Healthcare Innovation – The future of healthcare is digital and the importance of AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and voice technology continue to grow. Healthcare payers are considering how to tap into these tech trends to interact with their members and providers on the devices and channels that they are already using. 

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement – While innovations around how to engage members and providers continue to develop, the bottom line remains the same, engagement improves outcomes and lowers healthcare costs. Payers and their constituents look to companies like Healthx to innovate and deliver seamless solutions that simplify the orchestration of their interactions. 

Members are Consumers – It’s not a coincidence that consumer companies like Apple, Google, Lyft, and Uber are getting into the healthcare industry. They have a unique understanding of consumers and members want to be treated like consumers during the healthcare journey. Healthcare payers who understand the future of healthcare are approaching their interactions with members accordingly and adopting consumer-driven technology and practices. 

Breaking Down Barriers – If there is a single thread that connected all of the sessions at HLTH, it is that ultimately, we are all trying to break down barriers to health. Complications surrounding the cost of care, care management, communication, transportation, and poor access to and use of data and information all create barriers that complicate the healthcare journey. Payers have an opportunity to embrace innovative technology to break down barriers and meet providers and members where they are. 

Ready to reimagine the future of healthcare engagement? Click here to be among the first to experience OXP, the Healthx Omnichannel Experience Platform.