Healthx + Our Customers + Salesforce = <3

Engagement is key to the success of your platform. We all know it. On the front end, that means member (or in this case) customer engagement. On the back end, that means you engaging with the Healthx team and other customers. This is where HxConnect comes in…

What is HxConnect? It’s our community of customers from more than 200 companies and Healthx team members who collaborate to answer questions, offer solutions up to solve your challenges, and stay current about new products and enhancements.

We couldn’t be more proud of the success of HxConnect, and we aren’t the only ones taking notice. Salesforce (you might of heard of them) recently featured HxConnect as a test case for successful implementation of a customer community in their annual community manager reference guide. Check it out here.

It’s always nice to have someone friendly to show you around a new community, and Alison Baird Community Manager, is the Mrs. Rogers of HxConnect. If you clicked the link, you know that Alison built HxConnect from the ground up and continues to develop the community based on customer feedback. Why does she do it? To help you. She wants you to not only understand your platform but to also use it in the best way possible.

“We wanted to give customers a way to find answers on their own, quickly and efficiently.” – Alison aka Mrs. Rogers.

If you have any questions about HxConnect, please reach out to your Customer Support Analyst, Sales Account Manager or your friend, Hannah at Healthx.