Ready to Invest in Healthcare SaaS? Consider These 3 Things First.

Healthcare SaaS Considerations

Should we build or buy our portal solution? This is likely a question you’ve asked yourself, more than once. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of using Software as a Service (SaaS) in lieu of a home grown solution in one of our recent ebooks and here we take a deeper dive. Before investing, you want to make sure a solution that engages members is capable of reporting actionable quality measure data and keeps up with the landscape of healthcare privacy and security. Three things to take into consideration in your decision to invest in a SaaS built solution are:

  1. Securing Information and Ensuring Privacy
    • With ever evolving modernizations in technology, artificial intelligence, and mobile healthcare, security and privacy make ensuring security and privacy harder. Having your SaaS portal through Healthx allows us to focus on security and privacy updates that are a necessity in the ever-changing landscape of mobile technology.
  2. Keeping Up with Consistent Enhancements
    • Flexible, configurable technology is less costly than building a tool and managing updates and add ons on your own. For instance, handling authorization submissions on paper is costly and time consuming. A new solution added in Summer 2017 to the Healthx offering: Hx Authorization Submissions allows providers to submit an electronic authorization request, saving time and money.
  3. Engaging Members in their Healthcare
    • Members are taking more responsibility and making informed decisions in their healthcare and ongoing care plans. Making sure member portals are mobile optimized ensures members can access their information wherever and whenever they need it. Allowing members to easily access their health information, find a doctor, download their insurance card, and more creates a mobile first experience for members.

To learn more about using a SaaS for your portal, download our ebook, It’s Time to Upgrade Your Health Portal, But Should You Build or Buy?