Make Enrollment Easy for Everyone

So, you’re checking out this article, thank you. How many times just before reading this did you check your phone? Heck, maybe you’re even reading this from your phone now. How long have you been on your computer today? You get where I’m going with this, let’s face it, we’re connected and so are your health plan members and providers as well. We live in a world where push notifications, emails and text messages are no longer a luxury for member engagement, but a requirement.

Today’s consumer expects the same experience from their bank and health insurance that they get from Amazon and Netflix, a simple, personalized, experience that delivers on their customized needs.

Because the needs of one group may differ drastically from another, we have three different enrollment solutions available so you have options to meet your unique group needs. Whether you’re a government agency, a large health plan, or a small third-party administrator, we have configurable enrollment, eligibility, and benefit shopping solutions to serve your members best. From the basic to the robust, you’ll find the right enrollment solution to meet your needs.

Healthx Enrollment Option 1

This solution is best suited for TPA’s looking to serve their members, employers and brokers with expanded medical and ancillary benefit enrollment capabilities all managed through the Healthx platform. This solution includes the ability to automate routine tasks for your enrollment team and saves time and money by processing eligibility, billing, reports and data in one convenient online system.

Healthx Enrollment Option 2

This solution is best suited for Health Plans serving commercial and Medicare Advantage populations by providing engagement tools for shopping and enrollment. This solution is directly integrated into the Healthx platform to provide your members a simple way to confidently shop for and enroll in medical and ancillary benefits, also lets members stay well connected and informed about their care long after the point of plan enrollment.

If you’re not providing an automated and holistic benefits and enrollment solution, please reach out to your account manager or email us at to learn more.