Enhance Your Health Portal with These Powerful Tools

Whether you build or buy your health portal, sometimes the final product simply doesn’t achieve the results you anticipated.

Maybe you expected your portal to deliver a major increase in member engagement, but found that driving that kind of participation requires more functionality than you anticipated. Maybe your existing portal doesn’t lower administrative costs like you planned because your providers can’t complete prior authorizations electronically, or because it doesn’t address gaps in care effectively. And maybe your care teams still depend on calling, emailing, and faxing each other just to communicate. 

So what do you do when you realize that your members and providers are not as engaged as you expected or needed them to be and that you don’t have the tools to do the job?

Look to Healthx to help save you time and money, and to retain members. 

We now have a series of proven, stand-alone modules that work with your current portal, regardless of who developed and implemented it — solutions that can get you to the member and provider engagement levels you need.

Clinical Engagement Module

The Clinical Engagement Module is a bundle of proven applications designed to increase member engagement, improve quality outcomes, and improve your HEDIS Scores and Star Ratings

Here’s what it adds to your portal.

Mobile Engagement Suite

Now that more Americans are more likely to have mobile devices than computers, the Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite gives you everything you need to engage your members where they are. You’ll gain the ability to send automated text messages that drive people directly to your portal and your mobile app. And if your members have questions—like “how much will this cost?”—you can provide answers using advanced AI, natural language processing, and pre-programmed responses. After all, your members already expect and prefer to receive text messages from the companies they interact with, so why not you? 

Gaps in Care

Gaps in care hold you back from meeting quality standards. And it takes a coordinated effort between you, your members, and their providers to close these gaps.

The Healthx Gaps in Care solution closes those gaps by enabling you to notify members and their providers of critical gaps that need to be addressed. Your members will see that they’re overdue for a screening, for example, and their provider will get a notification to reach out to the member about scheduling the screening at their next appointment.

Care Plan Collaboration

If providers, payers, and members have to play phone tag to communicate about a care plan, it quickly creates a strain on your administrative costs. Our Care Plan Collaboration lets you, your members, and your providers send secure communications via your portal, so you can coordinate care and collaborate electronically. This also ensures that all parties have complete context regarding a member’s care plan, so there are fewer mistakes and less redundant communication.

Quality Measures

While you have advanced insights into the intersections between your members’ medical records, claims data, demographic information, and quality measures, it can be difficult to make that information visible to providers. So payers often send providers static reports, which are difficult to navigate.

Quality Measures gives your providers intuitive, practical ways to explore your data and see how they’re doing. They can examine this data on an aggregate level, or see what care and services individual patients are missing.

The Clinical Engagement Module gives you four powerful new tools to help you achieve your provider and member engagement goals, while helping you lower costs and improve your quality scores.

Provider Engagement Module

Prior authorization submissions are some of the most expensive transactions in all of healthcare. The Provider Engagement Module is built to streamline this process and reduce administrative costs.

Authorization Submission

According to the 2018 CAQH Index, only 12% of authorization submissions are fully electronic, and only 12% of healthcare IT vendors support this functionality. For payers, the average cost of each authorization submission is $3.50. But when this process is completed electronically, that cost is reduced to three cents.

Our Authorization Submission tool gives providers the ability to submit authorizations digitally. They can include documents such as medical records, lab results, and x-rays that support  medical necessity. And both providers and members can check the status of the authorization in the portal.

For payers, the Authorization Submission tool leverages provider data and eligibility information to pre-populate forms, so administrators don’t have to hunt for (and manually enter) information you already have.

MCG Connector

The MCG Connector drastically reduces the time payers and providers spend on authorizations. A high volume of pending and denied authorizations are due to a lack of information from the provider that is needed to determine medical necessity, resulting in the need for additional information and delays in care. 

The MCG Connector ensures appropriate care guidelines are integrated into the authorization submission workflow to capture all of the data needed upfront, the first time. A real-time status can be delivered to providers resulting in expedited care for your members (their patients).

By empowering your providers to submit authorizations electronically and automating many of the most tedious parts for your administrators, the Provider Engagement Module quickly leads to significant savings.

Get cost-saving solutions—fast

So if your engagement portal isn’t delivering the results you need, let Healthx get you there with these two plug-and-play modules. The result? Engaged, healthy members, satisfied providers, operational efficiencies, higher quality ratings, and real cost savings. Whether it’s a portal you built yourself, or one purchased from another vendor, we can add these top-tier tools fast—so you can start enjoying increased ROI now.

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