Digital Solutions to Uphold Member Health During Flu Season

The 2018 flu season is proving to be relentless. The all too familiar sights and sounds of flu season are upon us with coughing, sneezing, and tissues everywhere. Empty desks fill offices as we all compulsively sanitize our hands and work areas, just hoping to stay healthy. News outlets report more cases of individuals succumbing to strains of influenza, members, providers, and healthcare payers alike seek information to make informed decisions that can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Healthcare technology presents new opportunities in which to offer a knowledge-base to the public. Digital strategies including patient and provider portals that drive these efforts and promote a healthier community through tools and resources with mass appeal.

Effective Patient Outreach Using Technology
Recent studies have shown that patients gravitate to online communications and connected devices for healthcare. Today’s patients are mobile. This community requires on-demand accessibility that fits with their lifestyle.

Practioners are encouraged to use digital outreach, including direct-to-patient emails and text message alerts, for flu information to safeguard against illness, and reduce the costs associated with treatment and recovery.

Online strategies and communication around the following have proven effective in minimizing influenza becoming a detriment to community health:

  • Using insights from provider data through portals and geographic capabilities to update patients on the spread of the illness in their local communities
  • Offering community-wide notification and availability of flu-vaccines, and insurance coverage relating to treatment and prevention
  • Providing online appointment settings, and alerts/reminders of upcoming appointments
  • Communicating “when to seek treatment” including flu-like symptoms that let individuals triage the need for medical intervention before the virus becomes too aggressive, or they seek treatment too hastily
  • Promoting benefits of anti-viral meds within 48 hours of symptom onset to shorten the duration of illness
  • Segmenting patient data for targeted messages to higher-risk communities including those individuals 65 and over, pregnant women, and parents of young children
  • Segmenting patient data for targeted messages to those who cannot get vaccinated on ways to avoid risk, and protection against viral infection
  • Promoting “best-practices” to minimize the spread of germs during the flu season
  • Periodically updating your database on the status of viral infection throughout the flu season to reinforce ways to protect oneself

In addition to patient outreach, practioner features help alert doctors and nurses to information related to their specific communities. Data retrieval and analysis from their own practice, intelligent insights from payers, and CDC updates that feed into their technology let healthcare providers remain relevant and informed to maintain the spread of viral infection.     

Modern flu prevention and managing costs related to public risk starts with online and digital communication strategies. From preventative measures to rapid recovery, using portals, emails, text messages, and automated alerts have proven to have a significant impact on community health.

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