How Cost Transparency Benefits You and Your Members

One of the reasons why health plans invest so much in member engagement is so they can help members make better choices about their care.

Because when a primary care physician says, “You need these services,” or “I’m giving you a prescription for [name brand drug],” your members often feel stuck. They typically don’t have a convenient way of knowing if there are more affordable medications available, or if another provider could perform the same services for less. And their provider may not suggest alternatives, or have the information they need to know what everything costs—especially if they’re recommending services outside of their expertise.

Healthx’s Cost Transparency Solution equips your members to understand the costs associated with their care so they can make informed decisions—all without having to call you or do time-consuming research.

Here’s how it works.

1. Help Members Explore Costs

Since healthcare costs can vary widely from state to state, city to city, and even from one local provider to another, your members need local data that lets them explore the cost of services in their area.

With our Cost Transparency Solution, they can.

Healthx Cost Transparency aggregates claims data from more than 200 million Americans and $1.2 trillion in claims from 850,000 providers, so that anywhere in the U.S. your members can see the average cost for a given service or prescription—based on what people nearby have actually paid.

2. Help Members Find Affordable Alternatives

Each service has a “profile page” in our Cost Transparency Solution allowing your members to discover where they can find high-quality, cost-effective care.

When they search for a service or prescription, members can compare providers based on distance, average cost, and quality. In fact, we can display this data for thousands of services and prescriptions. This empowers your members to choose providers based on the factors that are most important to them.

3. Get Even More Specific

Level up with our premium Cost Transparency Plus tool and your members can see pricing based on their specific plan, network information, and your claims data. Instead of the average cost of a service or prescription, they see what they’d actually pay out of pocket.

You can also use personal, automated messages to guide your members to the most affordable options. And with comprehensive reporting features, we’ll give you actionable insights based on your members’ spending habits.

4. Give Members Better Options

Members now expect cost transparency solutions, especially with the rise of high deductible health plans and the shift to value based care. And they trust you to guide them to the services and prescriptions they need, and help them use their plan efficiently. With our Cost Transparency Solution, you can direct your members best in class services at a price they can afford.

Let us show you what the Healthx platform can do for you and your members.

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