Coronavirus Resource Center

On this page you will find up-to-the-minute information and resources to help you provide critical support to your members and providers during and after the coronavirus (COVID-19) healthcare crisis.

We are in this together. Be well.


These blogs are meant to provide you with best practices and specific steps you can take to support your members and providers throughout this time. They will cover industry trends, specific Healthx products, and how-to’s on using your platform to support them. If you have questions about any of these resources, talk to us here.

HxConnect Helps You Help Your Customers Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis

Check out this blog for info on getting started with the HxConnect customer community and gaining access to valuable and essential tools, education, and discussions that you can use to help your members and providers navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

5 Things You Can Do to Support Providers Through a Health Care Crisis

A healthcare crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19) takes a toll on all of us, but it’s the providers on the front lines who are ensuring that members are cared for. Here are 5 ways to use your engagement platform to streamline and simplify your providers’ interactions so they can focus on what matters most.

6 Important Steps to Guiding Your Members Through a Health Crisis

The arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has likely sparked an influx of member activity and interactions. Making sure that your members know about your platform and how to use it, empowers them to make safe and smart choices about their healthcare, and may also provide them peace of mind.

6 Text Messages to Send Your Members to Guide Them Through COVID-19

Here are six text messages you can send to your members during this time to make sure they have the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare


Here you’ll find updates from Healthx regarding the steps we are taking to help contain it’s spread and protect our team members and communities, while ensuring the health of your platform. We will also post data, information, and updates as it becomes available on Twitter @Healthx. Join the conversation with us there.

Available Solutions

Below are Healthx solutions that enable you to best care for your members and providers during this difficult time. Leveraging your engagement platform will allow you to manage an increase in activity and interactions, provide your constituents with valuable information and resources, and free up your call center for those who need it most.

If you would like to implement any of these resources, click here to talk to us. If you already have any of these resources but would like to ensure you’re best utilizing them, contact your Healthx Customer Experience Analyst.

Hx Mobile App

Instant access to healthcare and benefit information for members

Hx Cost Transparency

Give your members the power to choose the most cost effective care options

Hx Salesforce Connector

Optimize and streamline your lead generation and customer support processes

Hx Telemedicine by Teladoc

Convenient and cost saving care options for your members

Hx Provider Directory

Healthcare provider and network information you and your members can trust

Hx Authorization Submission

Streamline the costly authorization process

Talk to an Expert

If you need help implementing or expanding solutions to help during this time.