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The power of one

In an industry that is anything but simple, you have to find simple ways to break through the complicated. At Healthx, we know not one company can be everything to everyone, how does the saying go?...”Jack of all trades...master of none.”

That’s why we focus our energy on what we are best at, the Healthx engagement orchestration platform. We aim to be the foundation for some of the most advanced technology in healthcare to drive engagement. Our integrations allow Healthx to orchestrate interactions across the system.

In some cases that means we build our own products and in other cases that means partnering with the best for specific tech, from enrollment, to cost transparency and telemedicine to mobile solutions. Either way, we consolidate and integrate so that you have the power of one...

Featured Partners:

CEEM by Coteva

CEEM (Coteva’s Enrollment and Eligibility Management system) was created to build on that focus and provide an affordable, best in class enrollment and eligibility solution for TPAs and their Brokers, Employers, and Employees.  

CEEM eliminates the need for new hire and open enrollment paper applications, because employees make all elections and changes electronically.  Administrators then process their clients’ eligibility online, and CEEM’s robust export functionality gets that eligibility to the appropriate carriers and vendors in multiple file formats.   At the core CEEM provides end-to-end eligibility management with seamless data integration for an easier, unified way to manage employee benefits.

mPulse Mobile

mPulse Mobile, the leader in mobile health engagement, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue. mPulse Mobile combines technology, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors.

With 9 years of experience, 70+ Health Plan, Provider, Pharma and Wellness customers, and more than a hundred million messages sent annually, mPulse Mobile has the data, the expertise and the technology to drive healthy behavior change.

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