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The beginning

When Healthx began nearly 20 years ago, people were accessing the “world wide web” via desktops and dial up modems and AOL was distributing their CD’s via TIME magazine. At that time, the question for our industry was, “Would people actually use the internet to search and use Healthcare information?” Today, the question is not will’s how do health plans meet their everchanging expectations and assist them in their personal healthcare journey?


Healthx today

Healthx embraces this question and continues to invest in research and technology and serves as a guide for our customers. We are the industry leader in member engagement with nearly 200 clients serving over 27 million members with our platform and products.

The Healthx engagement orchestration platform empowers a health plan's consumer engagement strategy by unifying your data, providing engagement analytics, and enabling them to orchestrate interactions for both members and providers.

The future

We have an unmatched partner ecosystem that offers proven, highly configurable and scalable products to solve the business needs of health plans.

Our technology is well beyond portals. Healthx’s commitment to innovation has lead us to where we are today - technology that drives member engagement, which drives outcomes - and costs out of the system, while improving overall member health.


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