3 Ways Collaboration Makes Care Teams More Efficient

Without the proper context, it’s hard to make good decisions. That’s why it’s so important for care teams to collaborate. In order to give the most helpful input, every person involved in a member’s care needs access to the care plan and the history associated with it. And when the member or any part of the care team asks a question, adds a note, or responds to a question, everyone needs access to that information.

You and your providers are aligned. You each want your members to efficiently receive the best possible care, resulting in quality outcomes and maximized reimbursement. But the only way that happens is if providers, payers, and members can conveniently communicate and work from the same information.

At Healthx, we solve this problem with our Care Plan Collaboration solution, available in the Healthx Digital Engagement Platform, or as part of the Healthx Clinical Engagement Suite, that also includes Gaps in Care, Quality Measures, and Analytics 360. The Care Plan Collaboration solution lets you share care plans and orchestrate collaboration in one place: your engagement platform.

Here’s why your care teams need Care Plan Collaboration to serve your members efficiently.

A single member often has multiple providers

When your care team can’t collaborate efficiently, it increases the burden on your members. Every time they visit a new provider, it’s up to them to explain what all has been discussed so far. This leaves room for error, doesn’t equip providers to effectively collaborate, and doesn’t help members complete the care plan.

With Care Plan Collaboration, your engagement platform becomes a secure hub for all the information care teams need, and you can share the plan with whoever needs access. Your members and providers have online access so nobody needs to deal with paper claims. And you have complete control over who can see the care plan at the level of access appropriate for their role.

Care teams need to communicate directly

Without a central place for care teams to communicate, even basic collaboration becomes costly and inefficient. Conversations and information can easily become disconnected, and it’s hard to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

By facilitating secure communication in your portal, you make it easy for providers, care managers, and members to message back and forth, and the conversations stay in one place where everyone can see them. 

When you empower your care team to communicate as a team, you reduce administrative costs and make it easier to avoid redundant, contradictory, or inefficient care. The result, providers maximize value-based reimbursement, quality scores improve, and members experience improved outcomes. 

Providers or payers can establish care plans

Providers often feel like they have the best insight into what your members need. But as a payer, you often have access to data providers don’t have, and you know the best ways for your members to use their care efficiently.

The Healthx Care Plan Collaboration tool allows providers and payers to establish, approve, or reject care plans. If a provider recommends a care plan you don’t approve, you can make comments on the plan and suggest alternative solutions. When your care manager establishes a care plan, your providers can do the same. This ensures that your members wind up with the best possible care plan—one that’s informed by your data and your providers’ expertise.

Start collaborating on care plans

You and your providers are both motivated to deliver the best, most efficient care. But most care teams are hamstrung by inefficient communication and the inability to make care plans more accessible. 

Increasing collaboration reduces administration costs, eliminates redundant and unnecessary care, and helps your members get the services they really need.

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