Building a Portal: Carpe Diem

Part 3 of a 3-part series: If you’ve got it, use it


Ray Kinsella, the lead character played by Kevin Costner in the film Field of Dreams, hears a voice when walking through his corn field which says “If you build it, he will come.” Later Kinsella imagines a baseball field. He builds the field and Shoeless Joe Jackson appears to play catch.

That’s the movies. In real life, simply building something doesn’t necessarily mean the right people will come. In fact, health plans and third party administrators (TPAs) need to do much more than simply build portals to get members and providers to check into the online destinations.

The third strategy in our series is:

#3: Carpe diem.

Payers need to make the most of all touch points to drive members to portal.  Therefore, it’s essential that the portal address is included in all “low-influence” touch points – or those communications where the payer has limited or no influence over how the members responds.

  • For example, the portal’s web address should be listed on the back of identification cards, on all mailed materials and within all e-mail communications.
  • It’s also important to ensure that the portal becomes a topic of conversation during all high influence touch points – or those communications where the payer has significant influence over the member’s response.

To make this happen, staff should be trained to include discussion of the patient portal during customer service calls, in-person visits, health fair contacts or even during online chat sessions.

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