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How Cost Transparency Benefits You and Your Members

One of the reasons why health plans invest so much in member engagement is so they can help members make better choices about their care. Because when a primary care physician says, “You need these services,” or “I’m giving you a prescription for [name brand drug],” your members often feel stuck. They typically don’t have […]

Making Provider Engagement a Priority

If you’re not making the same kind of effort to engage with your providers as you do with your members, then you’re missing out on an opportunity that can affect your bottom line. Engaging providers with your platform can help reduce administrative costs and help you meet or exceed quality measures…like your Star rating and […]

3 Ways Healthx Streamlines Authorization Submission

Prior authorizations are the heart of your interactions with providers and the care they provide your members. Yet, the authorization process is notoriously expensive and inefficient. Authorizations often involve tedious back and forth communication between providers and payers, and time-consuming manual processes. According to the 2018 CAQH Index, the healthcare industry could save as much […]

4 Ways Analytics 360 Helps Payers Close the Loop

Closing gaps in care can positively impact your quality scores and Star ratings. But doing it requires a coordinated effort with providers and members to close the loop. And it starts with getting the right tools that will give you better visibility into the quality measures and gaps where you have the most opportunity, like […]

Where Will We Be in Summer 2019?

Summer is nearly here and with it some exciting events we hope to see you at! We’re attending seven events this season. You can find us at tables, booths, keynotes, and happy hours. Send Hannah at Healthx a note and she’ll connect you to a Healthx friend to meet up with. Check out our schedule […]

4 Ways Providers Can Help Members Close Gaps in Care

Providers are motivated to help health plans maintain compliance standards as they ensure that their patients, your members, receive the highest quality care. But with a large number of patients for each provider, evolving market standards, and a dozen or more different health plans with specific requirements, identifying and closing gaps in care can be […]

Close Gaps in Care with Mobile Engagement

Mobile engagement tools like push notifications and text messaging can help close gaps in care by providing your members with proactive options to ensure they get the care they need. With the right data and functionality, your engagement portal allows members to get the care they need before a gap in care occurs. But a […]

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