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Support Providers on the Front Lines

5 Things You Can Do to Support Providers Through a Health Care Crisis A healthcare crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19) takes a toll on all of us – payers, members, and providers. But it’s the providers on the front lines who are ensuring that your members are cared for. And while this includes those members who […]

Keep in Touch with Members During a Health Crisis

6 Text Messages to Send Your Members to Guide Them Through COVID-19 One of the most effective ways to support your members during the COVID-19 pandemic is to communicate with them proactively and directly. They are looking for answers, and you want to make sure they get them from a knowledgeable source invested in their […]

Support Your Members When They Need it Most

6 Important Steps to Guiding Your Members Through a Health Crisis In the midst of a serious healthcare crisis, our ability to connect and support one another is critical. Your members look to you as a voice of reason, authority, and expertise as they guard their health and prepare for any care that they or […]

Healthcare Cost Transparency May Soon Be a Regulatory Requirement. What’s Your Plan?

It’s no big revelation that the cost of healthcare, or more specifically, the fear of surprise bills, is a major source of tension for both your members and your organization. Many forward-thinking payers have already responded by offering healthcare cost transparency tools and materials. Transparency helps increase trust in healthcare and can improve member satisfaction […]

Payer Call Centers are Pricey. Digital Technology Delivers Premium Engagement for Less.

Whoever said talk is cheap wasn’t thinking about healthcare. In reality, it’s expensive. Depending on the number of lives covered by a plan, costs can run well into the millions. No matter how you try to optimize call center operations, the fact remains they’re not only pricey to operate, but often they’re not the most […]

AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum: What We Learned & Shared

We’re back from the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Chicago where we heard and shared ideas about innovations and trends in healthcare engagement. Keynotes and sessions focused on cutting edge healthcare tech hitting the market next year, addressing how consumerism is changing the healthcare industry, and how payers can respond to members’ […]

Drive Engagement and Cost Savings with Omnichannel Communication

Today’s vast array of easily accessible communication technologies have put consumers in the driver’s seat. Businesses from retailers to banks to airlines have empowered users by meeting them where they are through an ever-growing list of accessible digital devices. It’s now an expectation. And it’s also paved the way to realizing significant cost reductions through […]

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