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Enhance Your Health Portal with These Powerful Tools

Whether you build or buy your health portal, sometimes the final product simply doesn’t achieve the results you anticipated. Maybe you expected your portal to deliver a major increase in member engagement, but found that driving that kind of participation requires more functionality than you anticipated. Maybe your existing portal doesn’t lower administrative costs like […]

4 Things You Have to Try at 2019 AHIP Institute & Expo

AHIP’s annual Institute & Expo is this week and we are on our way to Nashville, Tennessee. Check out our quick list of the must see, must dos that we are most excited about. 1. Chat with Healthx about our new engagement modules at booth 1113 When & Where: Wednesday, June 19 – Friday, June […]

How AI Makes Care Management More Efficient

Value-based reimbursement incentivizes providers to deliver high-quality care efficiently, by encouraging greater integration of care teams and better use of existing services and technologies. You can help providers and care-teams by facilitating the creation, collaboration, and execution of cost-effective care plans. But the process of creating care plans can get bogged down with back and […]

Healthx Announces Support for InterQual Connect™ to Expand Automated Authorization

Indianapolis, IN: June 11, 2019 – Healthx, Inc., the industry leading engagement platform company for healthcare payers today announced it has signed an agreement with Change Healthcare to support the InterQual Connect™ Medical Review Service as an integrated part of its authorization solution. With InterQual Connect, payers can easily automate all authorization requests, even those […]

How Automation Impacts Value-Based Reimbursement

Value-based reimbursement is about the quality, not quantity, of care. And everyone wins when your members receive the services they need effectively and efficiently. A bundled-payment model can reduce healthcare costs by encouraging greater integration of care teams and better use of existing services and technologies. Automating processes and communication can: Help providers become more […]

How Cost Transparency Benefits You and Your Members

One of the reasons why health plans invest so much in member engagement is so they can help members make better choices about their care. Because when a primary care physician says, “You need these services,” or “I’m giving you a prescription for [name brand drug],” your members often feel stuck. They typically don’t have […]

Making Provider Engagement a Priority

If you’re not making the same kind of effort to engage with your providers as you do with your members, then you’re missing out on an opportunity that can affect your bottom line. Engaging providers with your platform can help reduce administrative costs and help you meet or exceed quality measures…like your Star rating and […]

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