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How Consumerism is Changing the Way You Interact with Members

Consumers today expect a level of convenience and service that was unimaginable decades ago. Consumerism has challenged organizations to find innovative ways to serve their customers. It’s made its way into virtually every industry. And healthcare is no exception. As other industries leverage technology to create personalized experiences, consumers have begun to expect the same […]

When Consumerism Meets Regulation

In every industry, Americans want better access to their information and more control of their data. But in healthcare, member and patient data is siloed and carefully guarded. You vigilantly guard your members’ data to comply with HIPAA and protect your members from theft. These protections are obviously for the benefit of your members, but […]

3 Ways Collaboration Makes Care Teams More Efficient

Without the proper context, it’s hard to make good decisions. That’s why it’s so important for care teams to collaborate. In order to give the most helpful input, every person involved in a member’s care needs access to the care plan and the history associated with it. And when the member or any part of […]

AHIP Institute & Expo: What We Learned

We’re back from the AHIP Institute & Expo 2019 in Nashville, Tennesee. Before the show, I shared 4 Things You Have to Try at AHIP and I’m following it up with a few things we learned. Hot Topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning – The importance and relevance of AI in healthcare continues to […]

Enhance Your Health Portal with These Powerful Tools

Whether you build or buy your health portal, sometimes the final product simply doesn’t achieve the results you anticipated. Maybe you expected your portal to deliver a major increase in member engagement, but found that driving that kind of participation requires more functionality than you anticipated. Maybe your existing portal doesn’t lower administrative costs like […]

4 Things You Have to Try at 2019 AHIP Institute & Expo

AHIP’s annual Institute & Expo is this week and we are on our way to Nashville, Tennessee. Check out our quick list of the must see, must dos that we are most excited about. 1. Chat with Healthx about our new engagement modules at booth 1113 When & Where: Wednesday, June 19 – Friday, June […]

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