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5 Advantages of Using a Third-Party Health Plan Portal

Now more than ever, health plans are recognizing the value of cutting-edge health plan portals. They can increase member engagement, reduce administrative costs, and make you stand above the competition. There are plenty of third-party vendors out there with web portals, apps, and other digital tools to fill this need in your organization. Still, many […]

5 Challenges of Building Your Own Healthcare Portal

Health plan portals were once seen as superfluous—a concession to a trend. But over the years, people grew used to managing more and more of their personal information, finances, and social lives online. Health plan portals became a necessity for plans that wanted to stay competitive in our digital world. But whether you’re part of […]

5 Non-Negotiables to Expect from Your Health Plan Portal Vendor

Choosing a new health plan portal is a big decision. It impacts the digital look and feel of your organization for years to come. And it could drastically affect your administrative costs, the quality of your members’ care, member satisfaction, and your employees’ day-to-day workflow. So it’s important that you choose your health plan portal […]

#AHIPCX – What I Learned This Year

Howdy! Kate at Healthx back from AHIP’s annual Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Nashville. Last time I told you all about what not to miss at AHIP but this time I’m going to share some of the best takeaways. Look outside of traditional models utilized in healthcare and find inspiration anywhere creativity and […]

Do Consumers Actually Use CMS Star Ratings?

People use reviews to decide on all kinds of things. The best nearby pizza joint. The highest quality furniture. Books. Movies. Tech. Uber drivers. AirBnB guests. Plumbers. You name it, people rate it, and those ratings affect how brands, products, and people appear to consumers. Ratings are intended to make our choices easier. They show […]

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