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Creating Your Action Plan for Member Engagement

We know…we talk about member engagement a lot. It’s on our mind day in and day out. Why? It’s the key ingredient to driving outcomes. But how do you actually increase member engagement? It starts with understanding your current environment, the tools you have available to you, and identifying your engagement goals. Once you gather […]

6 Ways Health Plans and TPAs Can Embrace the Mobile Revolution

When the iPhone came out in 2007, it was a novelty. Today, smartphones are more like a necessity. Most Americans have them, and they spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices. Mobile devices are ubiquitous. There are more than 24,000 types of Android devices alone. Health plans and TPAs can’t afford […]

“Alexa, Start Healthx Hackathon.”

We have been talking a lot about the importance of innovation lately, and what better way to foster that innovation than bringing together cross departmental Healthx team members and giving them a platform for creativity and discovery with a 2-day hackathon. The Challenge How can Amazon Echo Show work with the Healthx platform? That’s the […]

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Driving Member Engagement Never Looked So Good

You may have noticed a few changes around here. Like this blog header, what’s that about? Wait, what is that about? Yes…yes, that’s right it’s the new Healthx Logo, about 20-years after the original. When we officially announced it to our internal team we jokingly made our email subject line, “1998 called and they want […]

The Top Four Things you Can’t Miss at AHIP Institute & Expo

The Annual AHIP conference is just around the corner so we thought we’d line up the quick hit list of the must see, must dos at AHIP in addition to enjoying the sunny San Diego scene. Each year AHIP brings more than the heat with this spectacular event showcasing the latest in healthcare tech and […]

2018 Healthx Tradeshow Schedule

We’re in the midst of the spring/summer conference season. Attending trade shows, seminars, and association annual meetings is a very important part of getting to know our current and future customers. Below you’ll find the list of shows we will be attending over the 2018 year. If you plan on being there, send us a […]

Connecting with Members in Their World…(Not Yours)

Years ago, when you wanted to find a local business, you opened a big yellow tome and flipped through mind-numbing, alphabetized lists of companies. It was tedious and cumbersome, but until Google, we didn’t know any different. Clearly things are quite a bit different today. Smartphones have taught consumers to expect everything to be a […]

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