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How Virtual Assistants Simplify Provider Reimbursement

Inefficient and manual administrative tasks cause poor provider engagement and avoidable delays in care. And while providers and payers work together to improve member care and minimize costs, everyday tasks–insurance verification and reimbursement–remain tedious. Provider engagement portals reduce this friction by streamlining and automating workflows. But when providers have completed a self-service process and are […]

4 Ways to Get Ready for the HCAA TPA Summit 2020

Check out this quick list of things to do to get ready for the HCAA TPA Summit 2020, July 13 & 14, and keep the conversation going with us on LinkedIn. 1. Register For the first time, HCAA has waived registration fees for all members and has opened the event to non-members for a minimal […]

3 Ways Virtual Assistants Simplify Insurance Verification

Providers and payers want to improve member care and reduce administrative costs by reducing the number of inefficient and manual administrative tasks. But verifying coverage and benefits information continues to be notoriously tedious for payers and providers. While payers have tried to develop workflows that streamline these interactions, questions about coverage, benefits, and copays continue […]

3 Things to Do at RISE National 2020

Check out this quick list of what we’re most excited about at RISE National 2020, June 29-30, with workshops on June 26. And keep the conversation going with us on LinkedIn. 1. Check out the Hx digital booth We wish that we could talk to you face-to-face, but we are glad that we have a […]

4 Things to Experience at AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2020

Check out this quick list of what we’re most excited to experience virtually at AHIP on June 16-18. And keep the conversation going with us on LinkedIn 1. Our first digital booth This is our first virtual event, and while we are disappointed that we won’t be able to talk to you face-to-face, we are […]

What are virtual assistants and how can they help you engage members and providers?

Virtual assistants bridge the gap between self-service engagement and call centers As a healthcare payer you need members and providers to interact with your organization in order to process claims, authorizations, and other requests. And knowing that engagement is the key to customer satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and reduced call center costs you’ve likely already […]

HxConnect Helps You Help Your Customers Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis

Hx Customer Community Provides Self-Service Solutions and Support Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an unprecedented healthcare crisis that requires steady and skillful navigation in order to guide providers and care for members. Communities have to come together to overcome uncertainty by sharing experience, knowledge, resources, and support. HxConnect, the Healthx administered customer community, is no different. Since […]

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