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AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum: What We Learned & Shared

We’re back from the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Chicago where we heard and shared ideas about innovations and trends in healthcare engagement. Keynotes and sessions focused on cutting edge healthcare tech hitting the market next year, addressing how consumerism is changing the healthcare industry, and how payers can respond to members’ […]

Drive Engagement and Cost Savings with Omnichannel Communication

Today’s vast array of easily accessible communication technologies have put consumers in the driver’s seat. Businesses from retailers to banks to airlines have empowered users by meeting them where they are through an ever-growing list of accessible digital devices. It’s now an expectation. And it’s also paved the way to realizing significant cost reductions through […]

UX Design for Member Engagement

Member Engagement Begins with UX

By Deb Strzeszkowski, UX researcher at Healthx About User Experience User experience (UX) is important anywhere humans work and interact with their environment. Healthcare, in particular, is a domain where understanding the user experience is crucial to accomplish necessary tasks. Barriers that exist in the healthcare domain include healthcare literacy, accessibility, understanding the needs of […]

Healthx Introducing OXP Omnichannel Experience Platform at HLTH 2019

Automated consumer-centric engagement capability to debut at industry event Indianapolis, IN – October 22, 2019 – Healthx, Inc., the leading healthcare engagement company, will introduce its Omnichannel Experience Platform (OXP), Healthx OXPsm, at the HLTH 2019 Conference, October 27 to 30 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.  Healthx OXP connects healthcare payers, members and providers […]

4 Things Members Expect from Enrollment and Eligibility

Whether they’re enrolling in a plan for the first time, re-enrolling, or adding life events, enrollment can be a frustrating process for your members.  Filling out paper forms and submitting them to HR is a pain. Because they’re so tedious to fill out, few people tackle them right away. Inevitably, those forms often get lost […]

3 Advantages of Using Salesforce Connector

Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce is designed to help organizations keep track of their interactions with consumers. Most payers have adopted CRM solutions to document phone calls with their members, but savvy payers are seeing that CRM software has the potential to do much more. When you fully utilize CRM software, you can […]

3 Key Challenges Facing Your CIO

In talking with current and future customers – security/compliance, efficiency, and engagement have emerged as overarching themes of concern for CIOs.  When considering the future of healthcare engagement, CIOs have their own set of priorities.  Here are three of the main challenges facing healthcare CIOs today. 1. Consumer-Driven Experience Consumerism is changing healthcare and is […]

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