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10 Text Messages Health Plans Should Send Their Members

Text messaging is one of the most effective tools health plans can use to engage members, close gaps in care, and help them make informed decisions. And if your health portal integrates with your demographic data, medical records, and compliance standards you can automate relevant, personalized, and interactive text messages based on set criteria. The […]

Healthx Introduces Engagement Analytics

Capabilities provide actionable insight into member and provider user activity across web portal and mobile applications Indianapolis, IN: March 7, 2019 – Healthx, Inc., the leading platform used by healthcare payers to engage their members and providers, today introduced new capabilities for analyzing user activity across various digital channels. This capability, enabled by software from […]

Should Health Plans use a Responsive Web Portal, a Mobile App, or Both?

There are now officially more people who own mobile devices than there are people who own desktop or laptop computers. In 2018, 77 percent of American adults had smartphones, including 46 percent of seniors. That means your members want to connect with you via their mobile devices. And that’s why your health portal needs to […]

3 Considerations for Your Telehealth Strategy

Telehealth lets your members “visit” their providers remotely, replacing in-person visits with audio and video appointments. This creates new opportunities that members, providers, and health plans can all appreciate. Most people are accustomed to going to a provider when they have a health issue. But they may also be accustomed to avoiding going to a […]

Your Health Plan Needs a Text Message Strategy. Here’s Why.

SMS (short message service), also known as text messaging, is an essential component of digital member engagement. It allows you to drive member behavior, point them to specific web pages or parts of your mobile app, and even gather information from them. All without an employee overseeing each conversation. You might be thinking: can’t we […]

Why Your Member Engagement Portal Needs to Be “Mobile First”

A lot of work goes into setting up your member health plan portal. Whether you build it in-house or go with a vendor, your organization is making a big investment, both in terms of time and resources. You might be wondering; do we really need to worry about making sure our health portal is “mobile […]

Top 5 Member Engagement Trends in 2019

Member engagement is essential to driving positive outcomes. And guess what, your members are  thinking about engagement, too. They just call it convenience. So how do you increase engagement? You can start by understanding your members. What are their expectations? What are their needs? What are their preferences? Consider these Top 5 Engagement Trends when […]

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