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3 Things We’re Excited for at AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

Check out this quick list of the things that we are most excited about at the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum December 7 – 9. Connecting with you AHIP has built an interactive platform to develop meaningful connections with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.  And we would love to see you at the […]

How many channels does it take to open the digital front door?

It’s a trick question. While there are never too many channels, there can certainly be too few. It’s simple–members and providers want and need to interact with their payers conveniently and on-demand. Providing them with multiple access points to do so effectively opens the digital front door. If it takes too much effort for a […]

Develop a Digital Front Door Strategy in 4 Steps

The digital front door (DFD) describes a user’s primary virtual access point to the healthcare ecosystem. And as more and more interactions become digital—from telehealth appointments to mobile plan management—the race is on to be the trusted entry point for member care, questions, and services. Whether payers are the door or behind it, they’ll soon […]

What does the digital front door mean for payers?

‘Digital front door’– it seems we’re hearing this term a lot this year. How do we communicate that users need a unified, seamless experience when the tools and solutions are varied and fragmented? As providers, healthcare systems, and payers work together to scale digital-first care delivery and engagement strategies, a new term has become necessary. […]

3 Things We’re Excited for at HLTH VRTL

Check out this quick list of the things that we are most excited about at HLTH VRTL on October 12 – 16! Connecting with you Hlth has built a custom platform for attendees to enjoy and connect during HLTH VRTL. Take a minute to explore the exhibitor directory and come see us! We’ll be talking […]

3 Reasons Your Members Want a Virtual Assistant

Members want the experience of seeking care to be straightforward. They want their questions answered quickly and clearly. Members are consumers who expect healthcare to keep up with the same trends that simplify their interactions with any other modern service provider. But when their experiences are complicated, intimidating, or frustrating, members delay or avoid care […]

How Virtual Assistants Simplify Provider Reimbursement

Inefficient and manual administrative tasks cause poor provider engagement and avoidable delays in care. And while providers and payers work together to improve member care and minimize costs, everyday tasks–insurance verification and reimbursement–remain tedious. Provider engagement portals reduce this friction by streamlining and automating workflows. But when providers have completed a self-service process and are […]

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