Keeping Your Guard Up by Constantly Analyzing Security Issues

By Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy & Alliances Officer, Healthx Like many recent reports in the media, an article that was published in CIO magazine in early May painted a rather unsettling data security picture.  Indeed, the piece pointed out that nearly every industry that handles sensitive data has been breached recently.  And, of course, the […]

What You Need in a Member Portal

Giving members what they want Despite the fact that portals have been around for years, many health plan members still haven’t found what they’re looking for, according to the 2017 HealthMine Health Intelligence Report: Communication and Digital Healthcare Tools. In fact, almost a third of respondents to the survey said they were not able to […]

Wrapping Health Plans in a Security Blanket

Security for member portals not a blanket issue   “Data breach exposes info for 400,000 Community Health Plan members.” That headline about member portal security ran in the Seattle Times in late December of 2016. With similar headlines appearing across a variety of media outlets in recent times, it’s not surprising that health plan leaders […]

Beyond the Deadbolt: Best Practices for Data Security

Data security takes vigilance Here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as perfect security. You can buy the best lock and an intruder might still break your window. You can buy an iron door and someone might crack the code on your digital keypad lock. To stay secure, you must continually assess your options and […]

Increase Member Portals Engagement with Teachable Moments

Timing is Everything Parents and teachers are well aware of the value of a teachable moment – those often brief windows of opportunity when minds are really open to learning something. For example, when checking out at the supermarket and getting too much change from the cashier, a parent could take advantage of the moment […]

Portal Engagement Doesn’t Just Happen

Want Portal Engagement? You Need a Plan Increasing portal engagement requires careful strategy with an eye peeled for opportunity.  Marc Ostrofsky, an American entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online, once said: “Opportunities present themselves every day–to everyone. You just have to be alert and […]

Jumpstarting Portal Engagement – For Your Own Good!

Improving portal engagement requires a little guidance “Because I said so.”  We all know what that means. We likely heard it from our parents – or said it as parents – because there are times something just needs to get done for a lot of reasons that might not be obvious. Playing the heavy – […]