6 Things Members Want to Do in Your Portal

How many online accounts and mobile apps do you use on a regular basis? If you’re like most smartphone owners, you probably use fewer than 10 different apps per day, and about 30 apps per month. Maybe you have specific apps or online accounts for every bill you pay. Or for managing your investments. Or […]

5 Things Providers Want from Your Portals

Suppose you need to get a cake for someone’s birthday. And the guests have a litany of dietary restrictions. You could bake it yourself, but you’ve never done it before, so you might struggle to make something edible, let alone a cake that meets everyone’s needs. You could always go to the store and pick […]

7 Signs You Need to Revisit Your Provider Portal Strategy

Let’s suppose you need a new vehicle. But instead of looking for the vehicle that best meets your needs, you buy the first flashy sports car you see. Or maybe you’re thrifty, so you pick up a used car with good gas mileage on Craigslist. Over time, you start to see signs that this vehicle […]

What’s Next in Healthcare for Health Plans?

Ten years ago, smartphones were a luxury. Most people still used Netflix to rent DVDs in the mail. Only a few million people had Amazon Prime. Facebook had recently become available to the public. Many of us still printed off directions from websites like MapQuest. Apps were still strange and new. A lot has changed […]

Where Will We be in Fall 2018?

It’s coming. Fall Event Season 2018. We’re attending six events this season and we want to see you there. Some we’ll be speaking, others you’ll find us at keynotes and happy hours. Send Hannah at Healthx a note and she’ll connect you to a Healthx Friend to meet up with. Check out our schedule below! September […]

6 Ways to Increase Provider Collaboration and Performance

You read that right. We’re giving away the list of 6 ways to help providers with value-based reimbursement from our last ebook. Because, in the constant changing landscape of provider engagement, sometimes it’s tough to know where to start. How will you and providers agree on the way quality and value are defined? How do […]

Creating Your Action Plan for Member Engagement

We know…we talk about member engagement a lot. It’s on our mind day in and day out. Why? It’s the key ingredient to driving outcomes. But how do you actually increase member engagement? It starts with understanding your current environment, the tools you have available to you, and identifying your engagement goals. Once you gather […]