AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum: What We Learned & Shared

We’re back from the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Chicago where we heard and shared ideas about innovations and trends in healthcare engagement. Keynotes and sessions focused on cutting edge healthcare tech hitting the market next year, addressing how consumerism is changing the healthcare industry, and how payers can respond to members’ evolving expectations through innovative digital solutions. It’s a topic we know a thing or two about because we are leading the way.

Hot Topics

This year’s sessions were developed around one central theme: members are consumers who expect to be treated like customers. So how do payers achieve this? Through a digital engagement strategy that intelligently utilizes member data, and enables and empowers members through the same technology trends they expect from any consumer experience, regardless of industry.

Omnichannel, Machine Learning, and AI…

Engaged members are healthier members, and healthier members result in reduced medical spend: both out of pocket and for payers’ bottom lines. And how they engage with their health plan also drives significant savings, especially in call centers. Using digital engagement technology instead of a customer service rep, where appropriate, to interact with them where they are, when they need to be reached, offers significant ROI.

Healthx Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Gordon, and Trusted Health Plan Director of Corporate Facilities and Special Projects, Jason Thomas, presented a session about the advent of omnichannel communication as the most necessary and adaptable part of the member engagement tech stack in today’s consumer-centric healthcare environment. Payers can now utilize omnichannel engagement platforms to more efficiently meet members where they are, and with the ability to provide seamless, uninterrupted communication from one digital device to the next. They also shared the potential impact of this trend, the customer service and cost-savings benefits, and strategies for a successful rollout including the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

This is a topic we will definitely see more of in 2020!

What’s Next?

Here at Healthx, we’ve spent 2019 developing and launching new products to help payers meet members where they are, and we are excited to lead the industry in 2020 as we continue to meet you at the intersection of consumerism and healthcare.

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