Creating Your Action Plan for Member Engagement

We know…we talk about member engagement a lot. It’s on our mind day in and day out. Why? It’s the key ingredient to driving outcomes. But how do you actually increase member engagement? It starts with understanding your current environment, the tools you have available to you, and identifying your engagement goals. Once you gather all of your information together, you can determine exactly what resources you’ll need to begin building your plan.

The core of member engagement will be a platform to orchestrate interactions which will then allow you to use data and metrics to continually increase member participation.

Having a portal for your members is simply just not enough anymore. Members want a digital experience similar to their online shopping and lifestyle habits via Amazon, Uber, etc. Again, understanding the factors that affect member engagement is the first step in driving it.

Here’s a little checklist to get you started:

  1. Establish Goals
  2. Investigate Your Opportunities
  3. Create a Messaging Strategy
  4. Make Your Solutions Mobile Friendly
  5. Collaborate with Other Teams
  6. Launch in Phases
  7. Use a Personal Touch

If you want to really dig in and build a Member Engagement Plan, download our latest ebook, where we go over the 6 steps on How to Make a Member Engagement Plan.