8 Questions Every CIO Should Ask When Investing in Tech

The industry push towards a mobile-friendly, member engagement platform has gained even more momentum in 2018. “An easy-to-use, online self-service portal is no longer a nice-to-have, but a basic expectation of your customers,” explains Mike Rowe, Healthx CTO. He outlines the 8 questions to consider when investing in a cloud based engagement platform to give your members what they want:

  1. Is the project core to our business?
  2. Do I have the ability of internal developers (given competing projects and priorities) to complete this project properly?
  3. Can or should significant internal resources be allocated to the project?
  4. Do I have the expertise to design an elegant, intuitive user interface that will compel users to accept and use the solution?
  5. Does my internal development team have the technical proficiencies to build a competitive enterprise-wide portal experience that will capture an increasing pool of new clients?
  6. Do I have the availability of infrastructure (servers, routers, data centers, etc.)?
  7. Do I have the budget to add a project of this magnitude?
  8. Do I have the budget and internal resources to dedicate to maintaining and upgrading the portal through a five-year software lifecycle?

“Essentially, it (investing in a cloud based engagement platform) is the difference between owning and leasing a corporate plane,” summarizes Rowe. Take a deeper dive into each of these questions from our eBook, Why a Cloud Based Engagement Platform Makes Sense.