3 Ways Technology Facilitates The Member Journey

Enrollment: the moment a consumer becomes one of your members. 

Enrollment isn’t the start or end of a member journey. Consumers research coverages and costs to find the payer and/or product that best meets their needs.They shop for plans on their own or select from employer-provided options. After enrollment, payers have the opportunity to proactively engage them to ensure a positive experience and a smooth re-enrollment.

But many payers adopt technology that neglects the entire member journey, or at best, focuses on a point solution that allows members to enroll online.

Technology and automation can do so much more to help you gain and retain members. Digital tools can play an integral role in every step of the consumer’s journey by generating leads, converting prospective members into enrolled members, and automating the re-enrollment process.

Here are three ways digital tools can support the member journey.

1. Capitalize on pre-enrollment

Consumers who go the route of choosing a payer, research plans online. Payers want to make this as convenient and easy as possible without requiring the user to log-in for access to this information. Consider the Medicare Advantage line of business, where more than 20 million Medicare beneficiaries (34%) are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. These consumers often have family members or friends helping them review the available plans and deciding which is best. Unfortunately, more complexities and vulnerabilities are often introduced around keeping PHI safe by requiring these family members and friends to log-in just to access this content.

That’s why Healthx created the Prospective Member Portal solution. Before people enroll in a plan, they can access essential information about your offerings, so they can compare plans and eventually enroll in the best option. These touch points can connect to your CRM software (i.e. Salesforce), so you can collect data and nurture these leads through email, targeted ads, and other re-marketing channels. Once you have successfully influenced their decision, the Healthx Platform allows for an account to be created that recognizes the individual has not yet enrolled. This limited access account is personalized and focused on delivering relevant content with access to a streamlined enrollment process that supports this continued journey.

Additionally, Healthx gives you a centralized content management system that features advanced controls over public and private content. This allows you to optimize your online solutions with the content, articles, and information that will help lead consumers to choose one of your plans.

2. Streamline enrollment

Enrollment is one of the most basic transactions people want to complete online. But many payers use clunky, piecemealed solutions that don’t connect to their databases. This can lead people to accidentally enroll in plans they aren’t eligible for or select coverage that doesn’t apply to them. It’s not a good member experience. And ultimately makes enrolling online less convenient than other enrollment methods.

With Healthx, every tool is part of one cohesive platform. It all connects to your data. And every piece is designed to make processes more efficient for you and your members. Our Eligibility Management & Enrollment tool allows you to create rules to automate enrollment and make sure people only see plans and coverage that they’re eligible for.

For example, you can create rules to:

  • Enforce age limits on dependents
  • Impose time limits on enrollment-related life events like childbirth
  • Require spouse enrollment for spouse policies
  • Set mandatory form requirements

This all serves to eliminate confusion and prevent errors in the enrollment process. Your staff won’t waste time correcting mistakes. And your new members won’t experience the frustration of choosing ineligible plans that could possibly make them settle for less coverage.

3. Automate re-enrollment

If you’ve served your members well, re-enrollment may feel like an easy win but it’s also an opportunity for your members to leave you for another payer. For example, since Medicare Advantage & Exchange members have to re-enroll every 12 months, there’s a moment when your members could fall through the cracks or get snatched up by a competitor. In another scenario, an employer could decide it’s time to make a change based on negative feedback from their employees: your members.

If you want re-enrollment to go smoothly, you need to be proactive. And one of the best ways to do that at scale is with digital tools that use artificial intelligence to automate the re-enrollment process to retain as many members as possible.

When your data indicates that re-enrollment is approaching members, you can engage them through automated text messages that link directly to where your members can re-enroll online or in your app. If they have questions about the process, they can reply to your text, and an interactive, automated virtual assistant will use natural language processing to interpret their question and provide the correct answer, minimizing costly phone calls to your customer support representatives. 

Additionally, you can use notifications in your member app and other communication channels to tell your members when it’s time to re-enroll—so there’s no lapse in coverage and less chance that they’ll start looking at other payers.

Expedite the journey. Lower your enrollment costs.

Facilitating the member journey throughout the enrollment process and beyond doesn’t just increase member satisfaction and increase the number of people who enroll—and re-enroll. It can also drastically reduce your administrative costs. 

Without the right technology, enrollment becomes a time consuming and inefficient process for your administrators. But when you have a platform connected to your databases with the tools and applications that make the most of that access, you gain the ability to automate the most menial parts of the process, while your members gain the ability to handle enrollment themselves.

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