3 Advantages of Using Salesforce Connector

Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce is designed to help organizations keep track of their interactions with consumers. Most payers have adopted CRM solutions to document phone calls with their members, but savvy payers are seeing that CRM software has the potential to do much more.

When you fully utilize CRM software, you can finally start treating your members like customers.

At Healthx, we developed Hx Salesforce Connector to tap into the marketing and administrative potential of CRM software, so our customers can do more with these powerful tools. Salesforce Connector integrates Salesforce—one of the leading CRM programs—with the Healthx platform.

Here are three major advantages you have when you use Salesforce Connector.

1. Support your call center

Before people call any organization, they have to psyche themselves up for the same old rigmarole. They’re going to have to give all their info again and rehash the last three interactions they’ve had with you—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every time a member calls your member services team, their name should pop up in your system along with any context your administrators need to serve them.

Hx Salesforce Connector keeps all of your members’ contact information in an easily accessible hub, along with context from previous calls or express requests a member has made about claims, benefits, authorization, or eligibility. So you always know who you’re talking to and what they’ve talked to you about in the past.

Additionally, Salesforce Connector helps you manage requests from providers who want access to your provider portal. Every time a provider requests access, Salesforce creates a case and helps you track their progress through your onboarding program and/or your subscription approval process. This allows your provider network manager to work through a queue and ensure your providers quickly get the support they need.

2. Increase enrollment

Outside of the healthcare industry, CRM software is a key part of many organizations’ sales and marketing strategies. Programs like Salesforce help you track how far a lead has progressed through your marketing funnel or sales pipeline. But payers often don’t have opportunities to treat individual consumers as “leads,” because you rarely capture their information before they become members.

With Hx Salesforce Connector, Salesforce can connect to lead generation tools like our Prospective Member Portal, which lets you collect contact information from people who are in the research stage of selecting a plan. (It will even document which plans they’ve expressed interest in.) Once their information is in your CRM software, you can send them emails, text messages, direct mail, and other marketing messages designed to promote enrollment and convert leads into members. 

3. Record every interaction

Your administrators are constantly trying to work more efficiently. Shorter call times mean shorter wait times, more members served, and lower administrative costs. But one of the challenges member representatives and other administrators often face is context—or a lack thereof. Without context, administrators may have to waste precious time (and annoy members) by asking about their previous interactions with your organization.

Ideally, your members’ interactions with you would feel like a continuous conversation about their health, regardless of who they talk to or where they interact with you.

With the growing number of ways you interact with your members (including proactive engagement like text messaging and push notifications), keeping track of those interactions at scale probably sounds impossible. But that’s what CRM software is designed to do for you. Hx Salesforce Connector integrates Salesforce with the Healthx Platform, so you can see every inbound and outbound interaction you’ve had with any individual member.

This helps your administrators quickly get up to speed on every call they have with a member, and it ensures your members get the assistance they need without delay.

Treat your members like customers

CRM software is one of the biggest technological innovations companies have used to tackle consumerism. It offers unparalleled visibility into how you’ve interacted with your members (or prospective members) and the ideal next steps for each individual. That’s why we made Salesforce Connector—so your CRM software can plug directly into your engagement and healthcare orchestration tools, and your administrators can access everything they need to serve your members.

See Salesforce Connector for yourself. Talk to one of our experts.