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Simplify your life while ensuring risk mitigation safeguards are in place

Clients rely on Healthx to maintain a security program consistent with the privacy and confidentiality expected in healthcare. The benefits of a SaaS model are clear: You get the highest level of security, redundancy, scalability, integration, and user experience – without having to fund as many resources or jump through as many hoops. Our track record speaks for itself. We maintain the highest standards of integrity in our operations and manage with strict defenses and controls to ensure protection of our clients’ data, personal health information, data centers and networks, are protected, and adherence to all HIPAA requirements.

The highest levels of Internet security

The Healthx cloud-based security architecture is managed with strict defenses and controls to ensure the protection of our clients’ data, personal health information, data centers and networks, and adherence to all HIPAA requirements. We use secure browsers and data encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, user names, passwords and other tools. We encrypt login information and personal information that is exchanged between Healthx and the user.

SOC 2 audited

Healthx is SOC 2 audited which demonstrates our commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and effective operating environments featuring the appropriate controls for conducting IT operations. Keeping to SOC 2 audited standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) means that Healthx has been reviewed and found to have surpassed the industry accepted controls and safeguards for hosting, monitoring, or processing information belonging to our clients. The annual SOC 2 audit consists of comprehensive review and tests of operational procedures and controls, including backup and recovery procedures, maintenance procedures, software and infrastructure change management, environmental safeguards, communications, management and user controls.

Monthly release of new code and features

Rapid delivery and speed to a competitive healthcare market requires a cloud solution that is nimble to deploy with minimal system impact. Healthx utilizes modern DevOps practices to maximize the efficiency, speed and maintainability of deploying our software.

Healthx code is built nightly and deployed in non-production environments, where it is tested and validated. So, when it’s time to deploy monthly updates and high priority enhancements there is zero downtime. We’re advancing your technology investment with frequent incremental updates, faster and continuously. You realize the benefit without knowing we flipped the switch.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Healthx has a RESTful API that uses common authentication protocol, OAuth. It’s a uniform, agreed interface that allows our clients to utilize our open architecture to access data. Through APIs, developers can create new or integrate existing applications with Healthx solutions.

Healthx also offers a deeper level of integration within the Healthx platform, so that a user never leaves the branded online experience. Healthx uses APIs to integrate data from third-party vendor applications building them directly into the web-based solution. It’s seamless.