From connecting disparate systems to powering engagement

Over the years, Healthx has added a wide range of business value solutions to provide seamless experiences for health plan members and providers by connecting disparate systems.

The beginning

Healthx was founded in 1998 to bring a new paradigm of computing to the healthcare payer industry. Healthx was one of the first healthcare technology companies to offer cloud-based solutions for member engagement and provider collaboration, for which it is known today.

Third-party administrators quickly adopted Healthx technology to provide plan members with self-service tools that ultimately streamlined customer service and improved operational efficiencies.

Healthx today

Today, Healthx is the healthcare industry’s leading digital engagement platform for connecting payers, providers, consumers, employers and brokers. Our client base is comprised of more than 170 healthcare payers across the U.S., including Medicare, Medicaid, TPAs, commercial health plans and commercial carriers.