Improve your engagement strategy

Differentiate your plan with meaningful consumer experiences

The healthcare industry is rich with untapped opportunities. For many years, consumers – as patients, employees or members – have been subjected to the arcane and often illogical dysfunctions of a healthcare system that has left them frustrated and generally underserved. The supply side of the industry (providers, payers, pharma and those providing regulatory oversight to them) has been in control. The demand side (the consumer) has been largely unable to force significant change.

Now everything is changing. Outside of healthcare, research and choice is a given. Whether shopping for a car, a TV, or a place to eat dinner, people want satisfaction not only from the price/value/quality combination, but also from their experience. Within healthcare, consumers are experiencing healthcare in new ways, from medical tourism to self-monitoring devices.

We’re at the tipping point, when consumers are taking ownership of their healthcare choices and expecting more meaningful experiences from their health plan – especially in terms of onboarding, digital interaction, financial payment, member services, and health improvement. Healthx can help you navigate this shift in market forces.