Care Collaboration

Patient care plan collaboration

Make it easier for care teams to access and share information

As healthcare transitions to quality-based reimbursement, payers must remove barriers to communication and do a better job collaborating with providers. The ones who do it well will earn the trust and confidence of these valuable stakeholders.

Healthx’s provider web-based solutions allow you to offer a single point of entry, making it easy for your providers to obtain valuable administrative, clinical, and pay for performance information.

How our technology promotes patient care plan collaboration

  • Share care plans online and allow for care team providers to view comments
  • Provide a snapshot of the member’s overall medical history
  • Offer limited access to patient data for community-based service providers so patients can remain in their home or supervised living environment
  • Access to clinical and performance information: Patient rosters including those patients enrolled in disease management programs; patients needing preventive visits