Achieve NCQA Compliance Meet guidelines for member rights and responsibilities The Healthx platform helps payers comply with NCQA guidelines around member connections and rights and responsibilities. We’ve had numerous clients go through NCQA accreditation using our platform. It’s another benefit of using a third-party, cloud-based service that has figured out the requirements and implemented a compliant solution.

What is healthcare consumerism? There are a lot of definitions for “healthcare consumerism.” More than a decade ago, Ron Bachman defined healthcare consumerism as “transforming a health benefit plan into one that puts economic purchasing power—and decision-making—in the hands of the members… It’s about supplying the information and decision support tools they need, along with financial incentives, rewards, and other benefits that encourage personal involvement in altering health and healthcare purchasing behaviors.”   Today, healthcare consumerism encompasses many ways to drive greater personal responsibility for health and healthcare, including: Consumer driven plans – High deductible health insurance plans paired with