2017 Summer Release: New Solutions and Product Enhancements

by Healthx Marketing

In our 2017 Summer Release we created new products and enhanced existing solutions that are needed in the market today. We’re very excited to announce one of the new solutions – the Healthx Clinical Solutions suite. This solutions suite includes several modules designed to help our customers improve the health of their members and overall quality scores.

Our Summer Release Notes will give you a good summary of each new feature or product enhancement, offering type, and high-level prerequisites.


Our new solutions and product enhancements will be presented and discussed in depth at Experience Healthx, our conference coming up in late October. We will showcase and discuss the new solutions and product enhancements from the Summer Release in our New Product Showcase Track.

We’ve summarized our new solutions and product enhancements in the chart below. Be sure to download our information sheets for a more in-depth look. Need more information? Email info@healthx.com.

Hx Gaps in Care Plus


Communicate Gaps in Care to providers and members

Webinar October 19

Hx Quality Measures


Dashboard view of actionable quality measure data with multiple filters and the ability to export a list of compliant or noncompliant patients

Webinar October 19

Hx Healthcare Analytics 360


Improve care delivery and operational efficiency through an analytics engine to product actionable reports

Webinar October 19

Hx Telemedicine by HealthiestYou


This add on feature allows members to have the option to virtually meet with a physician

Video Demo Released October 24

Hx Authorization

An add on feature that offers a robust rules engine that can be configured to meet your business rules and allow providers to receive automated determinations in real-time, via partnership with MCG

Other New Solutions

Templated Express Requests – Healthx designers now have the ability to create custom-built Express Request templates. These templates can include a fully-customized design, with logic, input masks, and field validation.

Hx Enrollment


Uses the customized templates detailed above using a template enrollment form created to ease the enrollment process for members.

Product Enhancements – Video Release of Product Enhancements October 19

  • Member Coverage History & Other Insurance – Enhancements that support the ability for one member to have multiple concurrent eligibility records and coverages along with the ability to search past/future records.
  • Healthx Provider Discovery – Enhancements allow providers to be displayed based specific criteria such as specialty, ranking, or location. This enhancement also meets the 2017 NCQA & SB-137 compliance requirements.
  • User Manager V3 – The new, more user friendly version of the User Manager service includes a revamped subscription management system, updated subscription approval capability, and other feature/functionality improvements.