TPA Advisory

Gaining insights from our healthcare TPA customers

Innovation is in our nature – but it’s always smart to look at issues from another perspective. That’s why Healthx relies on advisory committees to help us listen to the market and understand our customers’ needs better.

In particular, our TPA advisory committee serves a strategic role by:

  • Providing guidance about on industry trends
  • Providing insight into best practices from industry leaders
  • Providing feedback on product development

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Health Plan Advisory Committee

Gaining insights from Medicaid and Medicare experts

For Medicaid and Medicare plans, change is constant. Because we are committed to this important and growing segment of health plans and consumers, Healthx has set up a government plan advisory committee. Members are more than consultants – they are the people who manage Medicaid and Medicare plan operations day to day.

This advisory committee performs three main functions:

  • To help us develop products that meet the needs of Medicaid and Medicare plans
  • To provide insights on member engagement and retention strategies
  • To give feedback on our products

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